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I am please to announce that I have a new home on the Internet at a new, freshly redesigned blog. Presenting...

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This also means that I will be no longer writing to this blog anymore as I'm currently on Wordpress instead of Blogger. All the posts on this blog is already transferred to Zellow Pages.

I will be deleting this blog soon.

Have a nice day!

Great event for my last year

We've been skipping classes since the last couple of weeks for this day. All the hardwork for this day. And the day had come. It's the annual sport day of my school (Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid to be exact) and as usual the royal family was there including the head Sultan of Kedah. It was going to be the biggest event of the year and the grandest celebration of all, in conjunction with my school's 100 year of age. A lot of surprises happened including the grand reveal of the school's band new uniform. It was a lot better compared to the last one because the last one looked like they were the Power Rangers or something.

Anyway, the ceremony started with uniforms, sport houses and games' flag marching in, gave the salute to the Sultan. Then bla bla bla and here comes the greatest part of all; when all the skydivers performing some, pretty much a normal thing they would in their career. This is the first time ever so we got a lot of "Oohh"s and "Ahh"s. I was pretty excited actually. Then, the rest is history...

One thing I like band's new uniform. I actually talked to one of their members and he said that it was about time the seniors (who usually handle them including designing the uniform) follow the trend. The hat is probably the most expensive item and yes, it looks great.

And there's this mascot issue which is very ridiculous because we got fairies, falcon, and this weird looking animal which doesn't represent any of the creatures in animal kingdom. Can't believe that they had to take the smartest guy in school to wear the costume for my sport house mascot which was an eagle.

The weather wasn't very beautiful at all. It was somewhat clear but at the same time ready to pour down the rain. The finale for this day was the rope-pulling event, between my sport house Kedah, and Gurney which is the green house. We won, big deal. My sport house is actually leading the scoreboard but I'm not sure whether I contributed any of the scores. Overall, it was very an enjoyable day.

It is probably the best sport day in the history of my years in this school. The skydivers and everything was great. I'm sure the school had spend a lot of money on this. I hear there is going to be a celebration in July/August for out 100th year. I might add some more photos for this entry, since I'm getting more from my friends.

Dear Lady of Starbucks...

OPEN UP YOUR CAFE IN ALOR STAR! Dear Lady of Starbucks, you have already opened up a new store at Village Mall, Sungai Petani and so, why dont you come down here open up another one? We citizens here have been craving for your cup of coffee since forever!

This is the the new one in Sungai Petani. Bleh, I hate this city....


Jap(anese) Weekend

This morning was Music Station on Animax, featuring Hot by Avril Lavigne in Japanese. It was very ridiculous.

Now these sushis from the French supermarket, Carrefour!

My mom got these while she and my sister in Penang. My first sushis this year. I was too excited that I only took two photos of the sushis. My mom bought the salmon roe, crab meat rolls, smoked salmon and assorted roes with some wasabe. I always loved sushi!

Vibrant Star

I realised that Alor Star is quite the city now. I mean all the lights, the busyness of cars on the road and the people. You can really see the real Alor Star at night with all the lights especially during festive season like now the Chinese New Year. I just got back from having a dine-out in downtown of Alor Star.

We (grandma, sister and me) went to Giant first for some groceries. People were packed there, not sure why but it seems that all the Chinese have nothing to do at home during the Chinese New Year. Instead they went out to shop at hypermarket, how business-wise is that to Giant. Then we went to eat at the city's renowned Nasi Lemak Haji Ali, located at Seberang Perak, along the Persiaran Sultan Abdul Hamid. To be honest and shame on me, this was my first time with them. I think this is way much better than Nasi Royale (they're located throughout the city!).

I just love the atmosphere of Alor Star at night. I think it's very energetic and vibrant. Not as vibrant as Penang or KL, but good enough to feel the change since the last few years. I honestly saw a new club opened near Alor Star Tower.

So far I've been to a few restaurants and food outlets in Alor Star including Damiral's Grill, Uno Cafe, City One and Nasi Lemak Haji Ali is new to the list. I must say that Nasi Lemak Haji Ali is the best. The food was okay (typical mamak Nasi Kandar) but the environment is quite nice. You eat your food by the busy Persiaran Sultan Abdul Hamid, entertain yourself by getting together with your friends, talk about everything till late night and just enjoy the company! Seriously, it's a nice place to hang out...

So Low... Indonesia~!

My sister and my mom just came back from having a nice holiday (according to them) in Solo City and Yogjakarta in Indonesia. The photos they took were so-so, they didn't even bring the camera on the day to Borobodur Monument! Sad thing was they traveled with AirAsia which I think not a nice thing to start your nice holiday. I mean like, they didn't even have the connecting flight to Alor Star from KL.

Anyway, here are the photos I edited. You would probably think that none of these have to do with Solo, Yogjakarta and even Indonesia.

My favorite from the bunch, cause it has the Airbus A320's winglet.

Sunset over Mount Merapi, onboard the AirAsia's A320.

Very artistic I guess and that's why I like this one.

The Borobodur monument, taken with the sister's Z550i phone. The quality was bad. Period.

A nice photo typical Solonian (am i correct?) house.

A new camera

So, the news was I broke my old camera, which was the last Fujifilm Finepix F420. The camera won't retract the lens back when it is off and I got lens error message when it is on. I went to the store and it needs a new part which would cost me a whopping RM300ish! So I decided to buy a new one.

Fortunately, my dad had about 100k points in his Bonuslink account. So he redeemed me an Olympus FE-280 that was worth 70k ish, but went for the express way option which I have to add RM367 with 40k points.

I've been researching on the Net about this camera and went to the store to see for myself before redeeming at Bonuslink. It is a decent camera but great design. Very slim and light I guess. The pictures are at decent quality, nice battery life, nice LCD screen and include face detection technology plus smile shot.

So here are some sample photos I took. The macro function is okay I guess. I'm not much of a photographer though.

This is phone's home screen, took this while the lights were out and using macro function.

Hehehe... My new wardrobe.

Masjid Zahir, which is one of Alor Star's major landmarks. I was riding on a motorbike with my brother and used the anti-shake feature.

I was experiencing new dish and came up with this. It was horrible I guess. Took this with super macro function on.