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Great event for my last year

We've been skipping classes since the last couple of weeks for this day. All the hardwork for this day. And the day had come. It's the annual sport day of my school (Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid to be exact) and as usual the royal family was there including the head Sultan of Kedah. It was going to be the biggest event of the year and the grandest celebration of all, in conjunction with my school's 100 year of age. A lot of surprises happened including the grand reveal of the school's band new uniform. It was a lot better compared to the last one because the last one looked like they were the Power Rangers or something.

Anyway, the ceremony started with uniforms, sport houses and games' flag marching in, gave the salute to the Sultan. Then bla bla bla and here comes the greatest part of all; when all the skydivers performing some, pretty much a normal thing they would in their career. This is the first time ever so we got a lot of "Oohh"s and "Ahh"s. I was pretty excited actually. Then, the rest is history...

One thing I like band's new uniform. I actually talked to one of their members and he said that it was about time the seniors (who usually handle them including designing the uniform) follow the trend. The hat is probably the most expensive item and yes, it looks great.

And there's this mascot issue which is very ridiculous because we got fairies, falcon, and this weird looking animal which doesn't represent any of the creatures in animal kingdom. Can't believe that they had to take the smartest guy in school to wear the costume for my sport house mascot which was an eagle.

The weather wasn't very beautiful at all. It was somewhat clear but at the same time ready to pour down the rain. The finale for this day was the rope-pulling event, between my sport house Kedah, and Gurney which is the green house. We won, big deal. My sport house is actually leading the scoreboard but I'm not sure whether I contributed any of the scores. Overall, it was very an enjoyable day.

It is probably the best sport day in the history of my years in this school. The skydivers and everything was great. I'm sure the school had spend a lot of money on this. I hear there is going to be a celebration in July/August for out 100th year. I might add some more photos for this entry, since I'm getting more from my friends.