Thank You 8TV!

I received these in the mail yesterday:

Two months ago, I called 8TV Quickie on a weekend with Rina picked up my call. She was with Sasi The Don. Duh!! I was like very excited. It was my first call to TV station and it went on air, like my voice was on the national TV! So I answered the question which was what is the first single from Beyonce's new album. I answered Deja VU, which of course even kindergarten kids knew about it.

The prize is Tommy Hilfiger True Star Gold for women (very sad, I had to give it to my sister), Beyonce's B'Day and other BMG label albums (Brian McFadden's Irish Son, Shawn Colvin's Greatest Hits, Planetfunk).

A Very Good One

Phew... The first day of Raya (yesterday) was very, very busy. After the prayer we already got some peoppel coming to our house. They were my neighbours, who was invited by my mom earlier during the prayer at the mosque. My sister already set up the table because she didnt't go to the mosque for the prayer. My mom made "Mi Kuah" with squid, fish balls and cakes and cow's ribs. It was very delicious. My grandma on the other hand, made Tomato Rice with Beef Curry, pineapple salad/acar and Beef Rendang.

After the neighbour group, my grandma, uncle and his family came to our house. They ate and we went to the graveyard to vist my grandpa's grave. Unfortunately, the graveyard is flooded, since it's been raining around the northern region started last week. So then, my grandma went back with my uncle while my family went to my father's uncle. We stayed there for about 45 minutes and ate "Laksa", as usual for Hari Raya every year. Ugh, I'm getting sick of it.

At night, my father's employees came to our house. I think my mom only served cokkies as the "Mi Kuah" was insufficient. So that's all for Day One. Few hours ago, my long-time-no-see cousin from KL came. She came with his husband and she's 29. Bleh, I missed my chance :P Tomorrow probably a family from down-under, Sydney.

Duit raya? Heh, my index stock is down this year. Like I don't get alot, campared to few years back. Probably I have to start giving kids duit raya in two years time. I only get RM150... which I usually get RM300 five years ago and I was 10 at that time.

Selamat Hari Raya/Happy Deepavali

Tomorrow is the last day of fasting month for Muslims. We're going to celebrate Hari Raya this Tuesday!!! After we've been fasting for a month, now we are going to celebrate in a joyful of Hari Raya. Not to forget for the Hindus, Happy Deppavali. I love Murukkus. My grandma made them since Malaysia is celebrating Depparaya.

Since last week, my grandma, sister and I had been busy making Raya cookies, especially since my sister bought a new microwave oven early this month LOL Basically, we made grandma's recipe of Biskut Manik, Dahlia and Kacang. No stores or shops sell Biskut Manik, it is the original recipe. It has colourful sprinkles on top and easy to make yet still delicious :D Mr grandma also made Murukkus, another original recipe snack and fried nuts with garlic.

Also in last week, I've been busy helping my mom setting our new, renovated living room and kitchen. My parents did the floor and wall in the living room and cabinets in the kitchen. We had so much to do with the living room. I had to hang the curtains, mop the floor etc. The best thing is my brother and I hung the cookerhood on top of the stove. Mom bought more teak furnitures yesterday, they were on sale. The store was like crazy with housewives picking up things. This is year probably the most expensive Hari Raya ever, tittle taken form the year 2001 :P

As for me, I didn't go to the tailor for my Baju Melayu as I only wear it on Hari Raya. My mom and I went to shop at Alor Star Mall two weeks ago. I didn't spend much, only about RM200. I bought two tees, a long-sleeve striped polo, a jeans and a trunk underwear. Yesterday with my mom and my sister at city center of Alor Star and I bought my toiletries at Guardian. They bought a lot though, like almost RM600, including their Baju Kurungs at the tailor.

I would like to wish my classmates of 3 Alfa, everyone at Sultan Abdul Hamid College, and my family Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin. To all Malaysian Hindus, Happy Deppavali.

Bullies in School

Since we (Form Three students) already finished with everything like the PMR etc, the counsellor held an open discussion in the hall yesterday. I say it was very interesting and kind of helpful, and I think the whole form was enjoying it. The open discussion is about bullies in school, which is a very common topic in school, yet still a disease in school. I, sadly took some notes for the sake of the blog.

It started off with the definition of bully. The counsellor asked opinions from us. Some said it means force someone to do something that the one doesn't want to do it, look down on someone and also ragging. Bully is actually to scare people that is small, lack of confidence etc than you. The abuse is usually carried out repeatedly.

From the open discussion, we heard a lot of stories from both bully victims and bullies. The bully victims felt that the bully is out of mind and doesn't care what other people is feeling when they are being bully. The bully victims hid their feelings and never fight back as they don't have the guts or they can afford to do it. From the bullies, when they are bullying someone, the feeling is fun, satisfy and want to do it again. They also feel that they are the greatest and the best among the peer. One of them was also once a bully victim. He got bully by a kid in school that was older than him. He waited for few years, with the feeling of revenge in him. He bullied the bully's brother as soon as he knew that the bully's brother went to the same school as his

After we heard all of the stories, we were asked to draw the face of the bully with his characteristic. Some of the charasteristics are brainless, doesn't know how to think, heartless and sex-addicted LOL In my opinion, the bully doesn't bully other people on his own, instead in a group. They are actually coward because they don't admit what they did. When they got caught, they will realise but it was too late. I really want to kill those people but I'm a good person... :D

The point is don't bully other people that is lack of things than you, e.g. lack of confidence.

Raya is Coming Up

Raya (Eid) is getting closer and closer. We have less than two weeks before all the Malaysians and Muslims around the would celebrate Eid. I can't wait for Raya to arrive! School students get a week of Raya day-offs instead of two, after three days of school on three Saturdays last month. The funny thing is my Raya shopping still doesn't start. Usually, I'm the first one to arrive at the shopping mall but then my mom is pretty busy with her work and me with school.

The title says school holidays but I didn't mean Raya school holidays. Instead, the upcoming school holidays in November, a very long holiday before the school starts again with a new term. I already planned for this year's long break. Mom is going to Langkawi for her work next month and Kota Kinabalu in December while my sister is going to Malacca next month, also for her work. My grandma and I already confirmed with Malacca.

Ugh, I just can't resist the urge of shopping. I heard Pacific is having a huge Raya sale. Hmmm... I think I'm going to shop Pacific Alor Star Mall instead of the one in Star Parade since the one is Alor Star Mall has many brands. I really need some new clothes.

An Online Writing by Me

Everyone in school, at that time was into MySpace-ing and Friendster-ing. So Blogger is my medium to stand up from the crowd as (I think) no one in the school owns a blog on Blogger.
This is an extract from the article "Blogging Experience: Not That Bad" by me yit4s. Hehe... Yes, I wrote an article about my blogging experience/history about my blog. I wrote the article at Merdeka Blogger Project 2006, found on Petaling Street.

I don't have much to say about the article. I just hope that you guys would read it and give me some comments about it. It's my first online real article. This blog is also considered as my online writings but it's not an article.

PMR '06: Ended Today

Being very hard-working in the last two months, the PMR (Penilaian Menengah Rendah or Lower Secondary Evaluation) exam finally came to an end at 9.30 AM today. What a relieve!! Words can't describe the relieve in me and the rest of the Form Three students in Malysia. I thought the exam would never end :) I'M SPEECHLESS.

First Day
The exam started on Monday, October 2nd with three papers: Bahasa Melayu Paper 1 and 2, and Islamic Religious Education for the Muslims. All these three papers were hard as hell, especially BM Paper 1 and Religious Education.

Second Day
Four papers were served: English Paper 1 and 2, and Science Paper 1 and 2. The second went through very nice and smooth. Not as I expected. I expected Science to be very hard, but it wasn't that hard, so I'm happy!

Third Day
Three papers: Mathematic Paper 1 and 2 and History. Math papers were... easy, not hard at all. I still can't believe. Math is very hard for me usually but it didn't on this day. I was so happy but it ended when I sat for my History paper. It was very normal and typical, like not very easy nor hard.

Fourth Day
Only one paper: Kemahiran Hidup. It was very normal and not really hard, just okay. I went home early since I don't take Chinese, Punjabi etc papers.

Fifth Day
One paper: Geography. Last paper, not that hard and very happy! IT'S OVER!

Since the first day the blog started, I've been talking about PMR a lot. In memory of the PMR exam, below are some of my posts about the exam. Not a lot though: