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The Pop of My Life
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MyTeam versus Malaysia

National Squad Beat MyTeam

KUALA LUMPUR, May 29 (Bernama) -- A national squad made up mostly of under-20 players beat MyTeam, an amateur football team, 2-1 at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium here Sunday night.

MyTeam were formed after a nationwide search in February and trained under the supervision of former national player Serbegeth Singh while the national under-20 were strengthened with three senior national players -- K. Nanthkumar, Indra Putra Mahyuddin and Muhamad Khaironnisam Shahbudin as the skipper.

Among the spectators were Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Azalina Othman Said.

MyTeam scored first in the 24th minute through T. Arun Kumar after receiving a cross from S. Sathiyanseelan,

They lost their captain Hasmizam Kamarodin while the national squad lost Mohd Zaquan Adha in the 42nd minute after they were sent off.

In the second half, Under-20 coach K. Rajagobal changed tactics by fielding his original under-20 team and this paid off in the 64th minute when Mohd Aidil Zafuan made it 1-1.

In the 75th minute, the national team scored again through Farderin Kadir's left-footed kick.

Serbegeth said: "If the result determines MyTeam's success, then we have failed. But I am sure MyTeam have been successful because they have showed a good performance."

He said the six-week training was enough for the team and now it was up to the management to announce their future.


IT WAS A FANTASTIC GAME! Last night, Malaysia team beats MyTeam, which was formed 3 months ago under Shebby Sigh coaching. The score was 2-1. MyTeam gets the first goal on first half period. God, I thought Malaysia is going to lose but then they scored two goals on the second half period. The game was aired on TV3, starting 8.30PM till 11PM. I missed the first 30 minutes of Gol dan Gincu on 8TV.

Check out these links:

It's over, finally and It's on!

After going through a very long and tired week, school is finally off for the next 16 days. I'm very glad. We played alot during this week.

For those who don't know, Kedah is the host for the 11th Malaysian Games or SUKMA. It started yesterday, Wednesday. So far, Kedah is on the 5th place in the medal tally with six golds , a silver and three bronzes. Penang is on the 1st place. Information on events, schedules and medal tally are available on this website.

Alor Star is pretty busy and full of lights and sounds at night. They put alot of SUKMA banners around the city. My school is also one of the venues, rugby is the game for my school. The school janitors started to mown and water the field since few months ago. It looks beautiful though. I just can't fucking stand with traffic around the city, lots of cars and no parking at all.

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Anyway, go Kedah!


I just got back from the bowling alley in City Plaza, played 3 games with few of my friends. Had so much fun! I suck at it, the lowest on the score board. I don't go bowl very often, just playing it for fun sometime. We had roti canai for lunch which is very odd, no one eats roti canai during lunch hour lol

BUT, my favorite part is yesterday. I went shopping with my mom! WTF lol It's been like forever since the last time I bought new clothes. My mom was extremely generous yesterday, she used her credit card at check-out. I felt very guilty. I asked her before whether she has some $$$ or not before going in to the store. She just like don't bother about it. So I was like "Hmmm... Okay, I need new clothes anyway" lol

Since we were running out of time and it was after school, I just got myself 3 items which a jean (RM54.50 after RM109) and 2 tops, a long-sleeve polo with stripes (RM27.90 after RM59.90) and a shirt that says Liverpool 60 (RM27.75). They are on sale so w00t! All these are from BUM.

Windows Media Player 11 BETA

Microsft just launched the Beta version of Windows Media Player 11. Download from here. This version is actually part of the new Windows Vista, that will ship by the end of this year, I think. WMP 11 is currently available for XP, and ME and below users probably can say goodbye :P Microsoft also said that they are no longer support Windows ME and 98.

The interface of WMP 11 is very pretty and clean. I really like the intergration of URGE by MTV. It is an online music store by MTV *coughs*iTunes*coughs*, exclusively for WMP. The Info Center View uses URGE as source of information, shows more information too. At first, I was very confused with the way it works, totally different from the last version. I had to re-manage my library, since I've been using iTunes. Overall, iTunes sound so much better, although WMP get the credit for design. Here's the screenshot of Windows Media Player 11 BETA:

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As you can see, I'm listening to Our Lives by The Calling :D I like The Calling.

I've been wating for these!

ALOR STAR, May 18 (Bernama) -- Telekom Malaysia (TM) will expand its 3G (third generation) services to more locations around the country, its chairman Tan Sri Md Radzi Mansor said.

He said since the launch last year, the 3G services now covered major locations like the Klang Valley, Penang, Melaka, Johor Bahru, Genting Highlands, and Sungai Petani and Kulim in Kedah.

Speaking to reporters after the official opening of Kompleks TM here, he said Alor Star would be the first location to have 3G services this year.

Bernama Malaysia
Finally, 3G is coming to town. I'm too lazy to explain about 3G, read this instead.

I got an invitation to use the new Windows Live Mail Beta. It took several days before I actually get to use it. So this is the screenshot of Windows Live Mail Beta:
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Ugh Stupid Bitches!

God, they reviewed my blog for the first time. I'm not going to tell who they are but basically they hate everyone. I'm not going to post their review either. The reviewer called as MercilessMinx. Oh yeah, she is mercyless lol I just wanted to say few things though:

Can’t have a Malaysian blog without photos of food now can we?
Bah, we love food so SHUT UP!

Some of the photos are so huge they practically take up the whole screen, effectively sending the sidebar to the bottom of the screen.
Bitches, I just want to remind you that this blog in only compatible with Firefox. You should read this first.

Oh, and I hate tag boards. WUSSUUPPPPP!!!!!11!!1 HI!!! THANKS 4 VISSTING MY BLOGG!!! Pointless waste of time and space.
Mhmm... I think this ain't true, is it? I don't think there are such posts in the Tagboard, no?

I'm not mad though but their website is really interesting. Goodday!

Late Night Entry

*yawns* It's 12.54am in the morning. I can't sleep. Well, I just finished watching Big Momma's House on TV 50 minutes ago. It was funny and hilarious *yawns* Hmmm... I thought of something to write just now but mind just blank at the moment.

Last night, I saw Finding Nemo on Disney. Also one of my favorite. I like the character Dori. She suffers from short-term memory lost LOL I really like all the names she gave to Nemo. Fabio, Chico etc all rhyme with Nemo. What else..? Oh yeah, I downloaded the Windows Live Messenger aka MSN Messenger 8. Still in Beta version but I really like the look. Got it from here.

This is my messenger window. As you can see, I'm listening to Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy :P *yawns again*

Random Photos

Found these two photos on my Photobucket account.

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The cartoon thief looks like a racoon though. Took this photo during the seminar at Grand Chrystal.

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So cute... Mimi is sleeping. He just so lazy, sleep and eat all day long.

The Center of Attention

I don't know whether this is a fun day or not at school. But I would called it very interesting. I became the center of attention today during English lesson. It was when the bell about to ring. We were discussing about this passage on the book, about a girl missing. Then, teacher asked everyone why did she ran away? I put up my hand and said that the girl is pregnant.

Everyone started to laugh and so did I. Elaboration... I can't really remember what I said but I think I said about the girl has boyfriend and they make 'stuff', the couple didn't use any protection etc. And everyone started to laugh, again. But seriously, my point is totally right :D

During Science lesson, we had to carry out an experiment. It was about fractional distillation for oil. We did it and after it had finish, water from the beaker went into the hot oil and whooosh!!! It exploded. The oil went up to the ceiling and I think the thermometer broke. This is my group and I'm not sure whether I did put the water or not :P It was the first explosion in the school lab. Gosh, what a day...

OMG Audi A4

I just got back from riding 2005 Audi A4, belongs to a friend of my dad. He basically owns few luxury cars before this like BMW etc. Ah, it was superb! Like the audio, 10 times better than my dad's Toyota Wish. It uses Bose Audio. I remember when my dad owned a Mercedes-Benz C200 K. Gosh, good times!

Here are some few links:

Hmmm... It's Friday

My sister, brother and I went to Penang today, sister's house in Taman Sutera. We did nothing actually besides getting the house ready for a family renting the house. Hmmm... Electrician came to set up the fans, lamps etc, then went to Carrefour for lunch, then went back for the plumber to do his thing. Yes, it was boring and tiring.

We arrived in Alor Star around 7pm then my brother and I went to the new airport. The airport is pretty cool for a domestic. I heard it's an international airport but whatever. Probably, flights from Bangkok, Singapore, Indonesian etc Just around the neighbourhood. The state government spend a lot of money for SUKMA. I see a lot of changes to Alor Star since its first day as a city. I wish they would build more shopping malls.

Lastest news in school: Mid-Term Exam from May 15 and as usual, haven't open a single book yet for revision. Gosh, I'm so lazy...