Lame but Great Saturday

This entry was supposed to be written yesterday, but didn't have the time to come online. So, I went to Jerjak Island in Penang on Saturday for a family day, organised by my mom's society which I think VERY LAME. The place is great, really great. It's Jerjak Island Resort and Spa. I just love the environment there, like greeny, fresh etc. The photos will come up this weekend.

Too bad, Saturday was a rain day and flash flood back in Alor Star. We can't have any beach activities. But at least, we played some pool ball? Or whatever you called that, at their swimming pool. Lunch was great. The mushroom soup is ten times better than Pizza Hut's. I didn't go to school yesterday because I was too 'tired' but hell, the school is busy with the awards day.

Busy, Busy, Busy

It's almost 2 weeks since I last updated this blog. Like the title says, I'm super busy since last week till tomorrow, I guess. The school will be having awards day in July, so next week will be a very busy week but excluding me. New principal came to my school, replacing the current one. Not really new principal as he came in 2001, out in 2004 and came back this year again. Welcome Mr. Morazuki!

I was busy with reports in last week, and taking nap after school in this week :P I take nap after school so that I can watch the World Cup matches at night. But only matches that start around 8-10pm. Germany is my team, but I go for other teams, depending on the match like I went for Italy because I hate the US and etc. South Korea is pretty good. Talking about the World Cup, the US is so going home. And sadly for Togo, they're already out. The next match is nothing for them, just completing the schedule.

Good news for me this weekend. My mom and I are going to Jerjak Island in Penang, so fun this Saturday! They have spa on the island which I think pretty cool. Penang is like second best place in Malaysia after KL. It's raining heavily outside...

A time to make friends -- In Germany!

The world cup started yesterday at 11PM with ntv7, RTM and Astro as the official broadcasters in Malaysia. I watched the first match between Germany and Costa Rica, 4-2 on RTM1. It was an interesting match, like the Germans scored the first goal on the fifth minute and Costa Ricans five minutes later. But I think that's the only match I watched for the world because the school will start tomorrow. I'm gonna miss the whole thing...

I got few hours left before my bed time, get up and go to school. Yes, the school will start tomorrow eventually. School break for two weeks is coming to an end. But I'm pretty happy today, I finished all my reports and homeworks and... Went to shop yesterday! Shopping is best part of the holiday. I thought I wasn't gonna make it for my reports and homeworks but I managed to finish everything up. Phew... Detail on shopping is on The Pop.

One week to go

Time flies very fast. A week of my school holiday already in past. So far, I did nothing fun. Just sitting here, blogging and trying to figure out this History report. Gosh, this report confuses me. I hate it when I'm confused. I already did half for my Kemahiran Hidup and Geography reports. I just wish I could go shopping again because the last time aren't enough. I FUCKING NEED MORE CLOTHES!

So, I have another week before the school opens. Ahh... Unfortunately, the extra classes will be running as usual again. As I mentioned in The Pop, I'm currently addicted to Ayumi Hamasaki!!