Let me made this clear

I've been receiving, rather not-helping-comments from fellow visitors about me leaving MRSM PC. Obviously this issue isn't over yet. I'm already over this but I supposed my thoughts on MRSM are offending maybe? I don't think so. These are only MY THOUGHTS, I'm not insulting the institution or anything. This is freedom of speech! [honestly, this doesn't turn out right but whatever]

First and foremost, I'm leaving behind this MRSM thingy because it's already in the past and I want to move on. It was kinda... Not really bad but something that I will always remember. I'm moving forward now. I already made a blueprint of my future so enough about reminding me about the past!

These are my post tagged with MRSM. As you can see (obviously), this is the hottest and most commented subject in my blog. I want to comment with a 2-3 words on certain comments that I received in the last couple of months.

Sape kata ngaji memane pun sama ? Tipu je lebey. Ngaji kat skolah berprestij, walaupun result lekeh, orang akan pandang tinggi. Bayangkan dapat result cukup makan tapi grad dari M.I.T ! Whoaaaa ! MRSM memang established households name. Kalu setakat nama " kolej " melekat kat nama sultan, berlambak lagi sekolah lain kat bumi Malaya ni nama camtuh. Tapi MRSM bukan sembarangan aaar... berebut org nak masuk tapi tak dapat.
Orang akan pandang tinggi? Hello, what if you got expelled from let's say Harvard? I'm sure you will try hard to hide your face from the public. Beside, I thought our education system supposed to be same throughout the nation. So I don't think you'll get any special education at certain educational institutions. Plus, every students in Malaysia get the same chances in studying abroad.

The first 6 months or so at MRSMPC was terrible I have to say. The bullying thing, the whole new boarding school life, the whole new MARA education system which was so strange to me who were well adapted to the Kementerian Pendidikan's conducts.

I really understand what you felt.
Like you, I got 3.25 in the first semester there.

So just leave me alone.

Rasalah ketupat ini...

...dengan rendangnya sekali, sudilah rasa kuihku... etc.

A very joyous day for Muslims all over the world especially for Muslims in Malaysia, and not to forget our first angkasawan, Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor due to arrive at the ISS today. I'm sure most of Malaysians aware that he brought along with him some food including satay and cookies for a Raya party in ISS with all the crew there, neat.

I honestly think that this year's Raya is pretty dull compared to the last few years. It's probably because school students were fasting during school hours and were too tired to help their moms preparing for this festive season. I didn't really help my mom hanging up the curtains or make cookies with here. I just helped few things in grandma's house, but I didn't miss what is happening in the kitchen. So far, I've made cornflake cookies, murrukus, this grandma's recipe and an orange cake. Tonight, I'll make another two cakes; orange cake and fruit cake.

I also started receiving wishes from peers and an MMS from someone that I don't even know. My friend in Terengganu called me last night and said that thousands of people were stranded at the bus terminals in Kota Bharu yesterday because the bus drivers are workers were having this 'mogok' thing. He got on the bus at 1pm, which supposed to be at 10am. KL is probably has a total population of 1000 or something...

I would like to wish all Malaysians Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin. To all Muslims all over the world, Happy Eid! I did my shopping, I did my cooking, I did my cleaning and I'm ready for Hari Raya!

Wardrobe Revealed

The other day I was working with my wardrobe. The thing was full of shit that I wear everyday and I realised that I need a new one! I shopped on clothing alot and ended up having a mess in my wardrobe. But before I get a new wardrobe or I won't be getting one soon, I throw everything out of the wardrobe; tees, jeans, undies etc. and tidy them up again. I was folding and classifying my clothing items into different drawers that have specific stuff like a drawer of tees etc. It was a mess!

Now, I felt like posting some of my (me thinks) best items from my wardrobe. I honestly think I bought alot of stuff and most of them don't fit me, I don't know why.

This long sleeve stripped shirt is one of my favorites. I rarely wear it because it looks very formal and work-ish but it does look good with jeans. Surprise surprise, I got it from Kamdar! LOL My mom bought some stuff there and got herself some free vouchers. She traded the vouchers from this shirt and I love

LOL The Official Corporate Shirt of Team SAHC100, wore during the regional finals. Neat.

First look of my baju raya, here on this blog. The whole family is going for orange-ish plus yellow-ish theme for this year's festive season. Raya is coming in about four days and this is what I'll be wearing.

New addition to my wardrobe, a tee from Body Glove. I love the prints on the shirt and it's tagless! I bought for less than RM30 because it was on sale.

Wardrobe REVEALED.

I'm in total crap...

Honestly, I felt like shit since the last couple of days. There's been like a lot of craps in my head, especially about school. I think I'm falling apart...

My results were tremendously bad, I failed Add Math with crap marks on other subjects. This is probably the worst result I've ever got in my life! 30th place in the class, with a pointer of 2.08. Fuck, why is this happening to me?! Bleh, why the hell I'm writing this? Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck... I'm not sure whether or not I can face SPM exam next year, I really, truly want to do well in the exam. How the hell am I going to study abroad? Oh shit, guess what, you're not going anywhere, because you're stupid!!!
Anyway, sorry about that. I AM in total CRAP! This is the Ramadan month so I shouldn't say such things. It's been about a week in Ramadan and I'm pretty much a tired cow everyday because the school is still going on in the background. The food bazaar in my neighborhood area is fun as it offers tones of food vendors compared to the past couple of years.

Well, I already making some moves about my school problem. I'm getting some help on my study from my peer that sits next to me. He's pretty much the only guy I hang out with at school and one of the smart folks in the class.

Hmmm... I don't think this is a fun thing to read, isn't it?

Not Fair!

The other day my mom told me that she has seminar/workshop in Kuching this November. So as usual, we would come along after her finishes her seminar or whatever. Her seminars thing usually happen at the end of the year during school holidays probably giving the chance for the government servants to bring along their children. I don't know.

So my sister and I usually come along with her like we did a lot of times in the past few years. Last year we went to Kota Kinabalu, great times. Two years ago in Sydney, best times in my life. This year my mom is going to Kuching, one of the best places for holiday. I went once there, but I was only like 9 or something, ate satay during breakfast.

Unfortunately, my mom mentioned this only last week, not like a month or two ago and I missed MAS SuperSavers. Arrgh! Why she doesn't mention about Kuching before this?? I checked MAS' website and guess what? The ticket costs RM1300+, Alor Star-KL-Kuching. I would rather go to Bali or Bangkok with that amount of money. We went to Kota Kinabalu last year for only like RM750+, stop over at KL. It's just sad that I'm not going anywhere this November/December. Usually on SuperSavers, you get around RM600-800, which is very cheap.

I would go on AirAsia but bleh, starting your nice holiday at the LCCT could be very miserable.

Life before and now

Yes, I'm back bitches! I took a break from blogging for a few week or months, I guess. So now, I'm back. What's up? Nothing much. Post-MRSM life has been very good although it is actually the same, like getting back to your normal routines. The experiences in MRSM have made me appreciate every moments I have in normal school (non-boarding school, non-MRSM, whatever you wanna call it).

Can I just state here how much I hate MRSM? Yeah, I hate MRSM. Remember this case where some students of MRSM were expelled? 15 students to be specific (the news at Bernama). Who says bullying cases don't happen in MRSMs? It happens all the time. We just can't believe the fact that it happens in a high-grade school like MRSM. I was in MRSM Pengkalan Chepa, one of the four best MRSMs around and the MRSM PC was the the third best school based on 2006 SPM exam results. But still, all these things that we thought shouldn't happened happen. UGH! My brain got cramped thinking about MRSM PC.

LOL! What a waste for me missing this fun time watching the pavilion of MRSM PC, located at the field. The fire happened two days after I left the school. So cool!

Anyway, MRSM life is one of my chapters in my life and I already passed it. The funny thing is the life I thought it was over continues. The Kolej life will never end, I guess. Bleh, I hate being very patriotic about my school.

After being super busy with drama when I was in MRSM PC, now I'm part of an F1 team. We make F1 cars in small scale. I'm the graphic designer and pretty much doing small things like marketing, merchandising and presentation. I don't actually make the car.

This is actually the machine where you make the model. We actually made it drilled some hole on the metal rod where it holds the wooden block. And as a graphic designer in the team, I came up with this logo. It's not official yet, but we're going to decide tomorrow.
The race is during early September that will be held in Alor Star. It is the north region level competition. After that, we go (if we are on the top 3) straight to national level.

Thnks Fr Th Mmrs

Three words: NO MORE MRSM

I quitted MRSM and came back to my old beloved school; Sultan Abdul Hamid College. It was kind of a drastic and sudden decision I made to go back to my old school. Hell whatever, I am already heading for my second week in my old school. The thing is boarding school is really not my thing. I tried to be strong there for like four months, but I can't help it on the second week of Semester 2. On the first semester, I got 3.19 for my GPA which is pretty much okay. Don't want to talk much about MRSM... I just want to say that I hate it, seriously!

I created a lot of memories there for four months. Drama, new friends, exams, hostel... These are some of the things that I went through in this one of the chapters of my life. I am missing my friends there but then I can't make them the reason for me to stay. I'm gonna miss you guys! I had a lot of fun with them. This year would be the year with the most parties!

These are some of my friends that I made. More to come, not feeling well right now.


So I've been babysitting my cousin for the rest of the break. We (my grandma and I) took her back here last week, the same flight that we went to. I just forgot to mention it in my last post. Anyway, she is currently a year and nine months old, pretty a twerp. She is being nothing but a burden. But at the same time, she is kinda funny. She talks in baby language which sounds very funny and tries to be a grown-up.

Other things that I did so far was (again) shopping, and basically doing nothing. I watched Zathura, a 2005 movie on HBO last night. It was a great movie. Then, I came across a movie titled The Mistress of Spices while flicking through channels after the movie was over. The movie was casted by probably India's most favorite celeb; Aishwarya Rai. I think this is the one that has a scene where she had sex with that white guy. Not sure, but I always find the clips on Youtube.

Today, I made a cake. I'm sure you guys knew that I like to cook. This time, the cake is probably the best and the most perfect cake that I have ever bake! It is a chocolate cake, with chocolate syrup and chocolate rice on top.

Yes, I heard that, thanks. IT IS delicious and mouth-watering.

I miss you guys too!

Howdy y'all! Oh my god, it's been like ages since the last time I wrote here. I know some of you might have wondered what happened to me etc. Well, I had no time to write since I'm living in a hostel, far far away from home and it's hard to get on the Net. I can't get off the keyboard once I'm on the Net though.

So, where to start? Probably the recent one. I was in KL for five days and just got back yesterday. I arrived in on AirAsia for the first time Kota Bharu-KL. My thoughts about AirAsia? Just okay. I felt like the airline is a little above the bus express coach :P Like, the boarding pass is like the receipt that I got at the malls. Even the bus coach assigns seat for the passengers. But, these are only my thoughts because it is my first time on low-cost carrier.

KL was fun this time. I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 at Mid Valley with my friends that I made in MRSM and another major activity was SHOPPING! My total spending there is almost RM250, including stuff that I bought, transport and food.

Pirates 3 was good, but less hilarious compared to the first and second ones. The third one is more to action. I like it though. Moving on from movie, I bought few new stuff in Mid Valley and Times Square. I bought new sandal from Bata, tee from Baleno and a handbag from Oxbow. Yes, a handbag. It's like mini sling bag for man, it looks cool. I need it because I have to carry a lot of things with me like phone, wallet, earphones etc. New arrivals at Bata look super cool and fashionable, compared to few collections before this.

More to come... I still have a lot of time before I go back to Kelantan.

Good Times

Last week was the activity week for most MRSMs I think. I'm currently on a long weekend in Alor Star as there are two days of public holiday in Kelantan, but not in Kedah. Anyway, it's good to be back again in Alor Star. I had NO TIME checking my e-mails etc during past weeks as I was busy with my drama team and we already did our best at the Dramafest during Language Week in MRSM Kuala Krai.

Guess what? We got 2nd place with THREE AWARDS and they are Best Director, Best Costume and Best Actress. Who is the director? Me! :P We had some problems along the way and everyone decided to promote me as the director. It was very tiring though, but I'm laughing now after what we achieved. Our adviser was very helpful, most of us are first-timers so she helped alot. I don't have much to say after my last post. It was alot of fun working as team, doing fun stuff.

These are some of my drama teammates. The photo was taken after our performance at the competition. Some of them are still in their costume. I don't feel like writing about our drama now.

We had our lunch during one of our training sessions. We ordered some pizzas from Pizza Hut, it was pretty cheap I guess. Two large pizzas for about RM35, it was a good deal.

Enough about drama, I did have some time to join the Activity Week back at PC (Pengkalan Chepa). This photo was taken during night market by the students. Every class had to set up a booth at the night market. We sold fruit cocktail, sweet corn in a cup and sardine and tuna toasts. It was fun too, especially when our booth was crowded with people.

Good times!

First impression that counts

Going to MRSM PC means my first time going to East Coast. Not just go, but stay and live in Kelantan, at the heart of Kota Bharu. I really want to be hone Kota Bharu, The Islamic City is also the capital of Kelantan which most people [including me of course] consider as one of the rural states in Malaysia. My experience entering Kelantan was like "Tuak?! WTF?!" They sell tuaks by the road side :P

I think most Malaysians would agree and they knew that tuak is a type of drink that will make you drunk aka alcoholic (I'm not sure it contains alcohol or not). I was like Kelantan is an Islamic state so tuaks SHOULDN'T be sold by the road side. To make the story short, tuak is actually nira nipah, also a type of drink that most Malaysians knew, but not an alcoholic drink :D

Other thing about Kota Bharu that fascinates me is Jawi script. IT'S EVERYWHERE! My reaction was "This is so cool, I'm in a totally different world!" The biggest I saw was on billboards, Digi billboard especially. Digi's billboard commercial billboard would be the biggest. It has the word 'Luas', 'Wide' in English, written in Jawi script. It is very different yet very interesting.

A lot of tourists are seen around in the city of KB. They probably have a good Tourism Action Board. Museums, major landmarks, restaurants etc are everywhere to serve the tourists which is a very good thing. KB Mall, probably the biggest mall in KB is... VERY COOL! They sell everything, from clothes to electronics. I would love to go shopping at their Men's Department, it's full of brands and choices. I honestly think that first-timers would be very surprise with KB Mall.

That's all so far. There are certain things that I don't fancy much about Kota Bharu and Kelantan, but I think I like it here already.

Home Temporarily

Waa...! It's good to be back in Alor Star, back to my own lovely bed where I can do whatever I want IN MY OWN PRIVACY. Can you imagine living with another 60 boys?? I had to anyway because it is a boarding school. I made my decision so I have to face it. I arrived in Alor Star at about 4.30AM yesterday via bus. I wanted to take the plane but it was too expensive and I had to overnight at LCCT before my connecting flight to Alor Star.

How's life there? The cons are winning over pros. I wanted to go back on my first day there but it went well after that and I eventually 'fit in' with boarding school lifestyle. I am still struggling with the people there, especially with the Kelantanese because I can't understand a word they were saying so it's VERY hard to mix and make friends with them. But still, I made some new friends from Kelantan and they are very nice people.

I actually like all the faclities there, like Internet kiosks, self-service laundry, mini store etc. All you need is money, then only you can enjoy most of the facilities there. I heard that before we (the new intakes outside Kelantan) came here, the self-service laundry was something that students rarely use. Now, it is a hot stuff! The mini store has everything you can imagine including a cafe which is a rip off. A plate of Nasi Lemak is RM2! I thought Kelantan supposed to be very cheap.

I came there alone, I'm the only Alor Star boy there ;( There are few students from northern region but the number is not as much as the number of students from KL. There are so many KLites.

I'm going back this Wednesday or Thursday... ;(

Hello from MRSM PC

I've been trying very hard to get online and write to my blog, so I made it. Things have been going pretty well but I'm alright. It is very hard to know the fact that you are few hundred miles away from home. I'm pretty much a homesick person but I didn't know that until I came here.

I got A BUNCH of things to tell but I got like ZERO privacy to write since the computers are located like along the stairway. I'm going back to Alor Star this 8th of March and I will write more as soon as my ass hit my room.

Last Day

Yesterday was my last day of school in Alor Star. I'm currently schooless! It was somehow a very meaningful and sad but kinda fun day. The school was pretty busy yesterday since the annual sports day is coming. Throughout the day, I was enjoying every moment with people around me and it is kinda sad to know the fact that I might not see them again. I'm going to miss the school :(

I felt strange to the fact that I love my school. Like, I used to say from my mouth that I hate the school, I wish the school burned down etc. but now I feel really sad because I left the school. Three years have been very good to me. I had a bunch of fun times with my friends, teachers and the school. Gosh, I miss it already.

I was looking forward yesterday morning when I was coming to school. Everyone was like "Yeah Zul, this is your last day". I was pretty busy myself, going up and down the office. I spend my morning there by teaching my Red Crescent drill team, then after that my school leaving certificate and I gave the school my offer letter. I also went to say my goodbyes to the teachers. Few of my friends were like "We're going to miss you", just some of them. I'm also glad that I left some bitches that I hate.

Me and some of my classmates were hugging and say our goodbyes when I was leaving. I wrote their numbers and stuff. No tears. Pretty sad but whatever. MRSM PC, here I come!

Going to MRSM PC

All the comments on my last post made me think about on going to MRSM Pengkalan Chepa in Kelantan. The verdict is I'm going there this 21st of January February [sorry!]. I just don't know what to say. This is my only chance to get away from my family, be independent and start my own life in a boarding school. The offer letter came with a mile of list of things to bring while studying there. I already started the preparations yesterday by doing something that I always do best: SHOPPING!!

I went to shop in Alor Star with my grandma and sister. They were very useful when it comes to shop :P Anyway, I bought a lot of things like polos, track pants etc. But I still have a lot of things to buy like toiletries etc. I guess I'm pretty excited going there. Yesterday, I spend about RM500, bought cheaper stuff that I usually would buy so I got myself a good amount of stuff. It was a plus for me as the Chinese New Year sale is going on at the malls. I will probably going to the malls again this weekend.

Just now I went to the hospital to make an appointment for my medical check-up. It's an requirement and the appointment is on tomorrow at 8 AM. Wish me luck!

Congrats! I'm in dilemma...

:D Pretty excited about getting an MRSM boarding offer. But the sad fact I got MRSM Pengkalan Chepa in KELANTAN, one of the rural states in Malaysia and I think Pengkalan Chepa is quite a distant from Kota Bharu, the capital state. I was very excited to know the fact that I got the offer then I went from that to the valley of dilemma... Should I go or not?

If I go, then I'll leave everything behind including my friends and my beloved school. If I turn down the offer, I'll be missing a chance in a lifetime. My whole family is telling me that I should NOT go, due to the fact that it's very far away and the school is located in a not-so-modern place. Yes, they got the point and I thought the same. However, (hell!) it's my only chance on going to a boarding school. I kinda like want some changes in my education life. It might be bad, but... Yeah, it is going to be bad. Probably no Internet (which mean no blogging, e-mail etc), bad food, and no more shopping!

According the their website, the requirement is at least 8 A's so I take that as MRSM Pengkalan Chepa is a nerd school. Few of my friends called me last night, they said they got offers from northern region MRSMs so they are not that far from Alor Star. I'm (currently) the only one who got an offer from Kelantan! I'm supposed to be in school right now but the doctor gave me one day off because of my fever. I guess I should check with my friends tomorrow and see whether they wanted to go or not.

Cheap tickets, finally

People have been complaining about how expensive was Malaysia Airlines tickets. MAS finally announced new price structures for tickets. They offer cheap tickets by expanding their fare classes from eight to 16. It's time for them to do this as Fly Asian Xpress just launched their AirAsia X that will be flying to Europe, Asia and Australia.

I honestly think that MAS is pretty expensive compared to other Asian/Middle East airlines like Emirates, Singapore Airlines and Etihad Airways. I did some research on booking tickets online on major airlines websites including as mentioned above and compared them with MAS. Yep, other airlines are cheaper than MAS. Emirates on KL-Dubai-London Economy return ticket costs about RM3400 while MAS on KL-London costs RM3900! It's probably because direct flight is expensive than connecting flight but who is willing to pay higher price for one destination while you can pay less for two destinations?

I also found that if you want to travel with MAS, book your tickets with KLM Royal Dutch. KLM has code-share agreement with MAS on KL-Europe routes and they offer cheaper tickets although the route is operated by MAS. Few Flights on Amsterdam-KL and KL-Sydney routes are operated by both KLM and MAS.

Starting this Monday, flights with MAS will be a lot cheaper than usual.

The Star reports MAS

I'm going to London!

Okay, it's pretty late to wish Happy New Year but I was so busy being happy with my result :P So anyway the school started like usual on Tuesday with school orientation until Thursday, so my daily routine will starts this Sunday; wake up in the morning, go to school, come back home etc. I actually hate my daily routine. My life is one of the boring lives in the world.

Back to the title... Yes, I am going to London! Hehehe... Not really honestly. I was excited when Mr. Fernandes, head of AirAsia launched AirAsia X that will be flying to Asia, Europe and Australia with very low price tag! I found out yesterday when I was reading The Star about the Transport Minister has given the rights to FAX to fly internationally. I saw the news on Google News and I went completely excited. Traveling to Europe for cheap price? Hell, everyone wants that.

Did I wrote about how I'm into commercial aviation so much? Yep, I have grown my interest on commercial aviation since early last year. I'm not really an expert or pro but I just like it. So AirAsia X will probably using B777 or A330 for these flights. They will start their flights to China and Manchester in July. Yay for cheap flights!

The Star news on AirAsia X
Google News search results on AirAsia X