Class of 2006

The other day (can't remember), the school was having some photograph sessions involving the Form Three to Five classes, clubs, societies and sport teams. My class, 3 Alfa, was the first one on the bill to take photo. The photos are actually for the school's yearly magazine. I'm going to be in the magazine!

In the photo, I'm the 4th in the back row standing. The woman in the middle, front row seating is my class teacher. She teaches us Math. Two of my classmates weren't in the photo. They were absent, shame. I'm in boys' school if you guys still don't know.

I scanned the photo, made some adjustments and came up with this. Scanned photos are low in quality and I hate them actually. I have to pay 50 sen for the photo though. Click on the photo to see the original size. Small size aren't that good.

New fridge and TV

I just got back from an electrical appliances shopping. Our fridge suddenly broke. It won't cool things like it used to. As for our TV, the picture got big and fat, like we only can see half of the picture. The TV issue has been in the house since early this year. At first, the TV was only 95% broke. Eventually, dad has to buy a new one. I hoped that he would buy LCD TV but it was only flat screen from Panasonic.

I noticed the fridge yesterday, the ice in the freezer got melt when I wanted to make a cold drink. I thought someone didn't close the door tightly. This morning, everthing smelled like shit. The fish, meat etc Eww! At 10AM, dad and mom brought me along for the elctrical appliances shopping. So we got ourselves a fridge from Toshiba, RM1290 and a TV from Panasonic, RM955 plus a cookerhood from HesStar, RM400. Everything was credited to my mom's credit card. Everything will be deliver this evening.

Ramadan starts Sunday*

*subjects to change

Ramadan (fasting month for Muslims), according to calendar will start this Sunday. Ramadan means more delicious food, more shopping and more fun for the children. I'm not a child anyway. I'm a grown-up teenager who don't play mercuns anymore. I never play it anyway since I was born in 1991.

The sad thing, I have to sit my exam while I'm fasting, which will be very tiring. The exam will last in the evening on two or three days. Alright, enough with PMR.

I went to BUM at City Plaza and they have some new arrivals which have caught my eyes, especially a tee that says "I used to have a six-pack" which defintely suits me :P But they were not on sale. I asked the guy there he said he's not sure but of course there will be Raya Sale throughout the mall. So I decided to come back later for the sale.

I'm not going to the tailor for my baju melayu this year too. My last year's baju melayu (traditional costume for Malay males) still fits me and I usually wear once on Hari Raya (the day of celebration after Ramadan) so why waste money on something you wear once?

The photo shows some ketupats that will serve on Hari Raya. I love them!

Time to be more serious

Less than two weeks left for my PMR. Yes, the real one. Again, THE REAL ONE! It is going to happen on 2nd-6th of October 2006. I just realised that I have (to be specific) 13 days left before the exam, and 13 days to complete my revisions. I still haven't mastered everything, especially in History, Geography and Science. These are the three subjects that I suck at. I really have to concentrate on this. I'm going to nail this exam.

As for the school's last preparation, there will be a Yassin recital ceremony this Thursday for all Muslim students including those who are going to sit for SPM and STPM. On that day, there will also a special ceremony for the teachers and students at 11.30AM, then off to Al-Bukhary Complex at 12.30PM for the Yassin recital ceremony. Parents will be there too.

Tomorrow, my mom, sister and grandmother will go to KL for sister's graduation ceremony at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, near KLCC. They thought of bringing me along, but I said I'm currently busy with school and stuff. Hell, 13 days and skip school for two days?! Not going to happen. My dad also busy with his work so he can't go too. So that leaves the three of us (me, dad and bro) for four days starting tomorrow.

Great (short) Vacation

UPDATED with some photos.

I forgot to mention that I went to KL from Wednesday to Saturday, yesterday. It was a mini vacation for me. I went there with my mom and her colleagues and stayed at Vistana Hotel, near the Titiwangsa train station. Although I went with them, but I'm on my own as soon as we arrived there. The main activity was... shopping! Hell, it's crazy over there. Mega Sale is going on nationwide, but KL offers the best sale ever. My total spending is approximately RM280, okay price. But my mom is like RM400-600.

We (my mom and I) went to shop at The Curve and I went to Suria KLCC while my mom at Putrajaya and Sogo. I bought not alot of stuff, just few items including tee, polo, wallet, khaki, and sandal. My favorite thing is the wallet, from Topshop for RM49. The khaki is made from Lycra, which is stretch and durable piece of cloth from Baleno for only RM49.50 from RM99. Other stuff from PDI, Giordano and Bata. The above and below photos was taken at Bukin Gantang's R&R in Perak.
Unfortunately, I stuck at KLCC underground train station for about two hours due to flash flood at Sri Rampai station. I had to stand there and my feet was killing me since I've been walking around the mall for the whole day. I went to the station about 6PM, then wait till about 8.30PM. The train was overloaded. I took the train to Masjid Jamek for line transferring and the road was full of mud. Took another train and arrived at the hotel at about 9.30PM. It's a shame that I didn't bring the camera. Refer to this news. Left is a bridge in Putrajaya.

I took some photos and it will come up soon.

Hard Time - Less than Four Weeks

Yes, I am right now. I'm really worry about my PMR exam this October. I haven't master everything from Form One to Three. I have like less than four weeks before the exam starts. Time flies very fast and day by day I'm getting closer to the exam. In school, the teachers went alot of revisions with us, including Math and Science, which I hate the most and bad at it. But it's pretty good since most of us (I think) don't make any revisions at home.

The school, last week changed the current timetable to a new one. Sadly, they took out PE and Art. Again, they changed it again, with more periods for each subject. Technically, not add more periods but like Geography used to be three periods for three days but now two periods for one day. I'm so going to fall asleep is Geography class. Talking about Geography, everyone seems crazy for the teacher's daughter. Oh yeah, she's cute.

Another thing is I really have to get away from the Net. I'm crazy about the Net, especially blogging. It really distracts from studying, but I figured out that if I'm not on the Net then probably day-dreaming. I have another problem which is lack of self-esteem. I feel like I can't get straight A's in PMR. Parents-Teachers Meeting is coming up this Thursday. At last, my secret which is C in my last trial exam will be reveal!