Good Times

Last week was the activity week for most MRSMs I think. I'm currently on a long weekend in Alor Star as there are two days of public holiday in Kelantan, but not in Kedah. Anyway, it's good to be back again in Alor Star. I had NO TIME checking my e-mails etc during past weeks as I was busy with my drama team and we already did our best at the Dramafest during Language Week in MRSM Kuala Krai.

Guess what? We got 2nd place with THREE AWARDS and they are Best Director, Best Costume and Best Actress. Who is the director? Me! :P We had some problems along the way and everyone decided to promote me as the director. It was very tiring though, but I'm laughing now after what we achieved. Our adviser was very helpful, most of us are first-timers so she helped alot. I don't have much to say after my last post. It was alot of fun working as team, doing fun stuff.

These are some of my drama teammates. The photo was taken after our performance at the competition. Some of them are still in their costume. I don't feel like writing about our drama now.

We had our lunch during one of our training sessions. We ordered some pizzas from Pizza Hut, it was pretty cheap I guess. Two large pizzas for about RM35, it was a good deal.

Enough about drama, I did have some time to join the Activity Week back at PC (Pengkalan Chepa). This photo was taken during night market by the students. Every class had to set up a booth at the night market. We sold fruit cocktail, sweet corn in a cup and sardine and tuna toasts. It was fun too, especially when our booth was crowded with people.

Good times!

First impression that counts

Going to MRSM PC means my first time going to East Coast. Not just go, but stay and live in Kelantan, at the heart of Kota Bharu. I really want to be hone Kota Bharu, The Islamic City is also the capital of Kelantan which most people [including me of course] consider as one of the rural states in Malaysia. My experience entering Kelantan was like "Tuak?! WTF?!" They sell tuaks by the road side :P

I think most Malaysians would agree and they knew that tuak is a type of drink that will make you drunk aka alcoholic (I'm not sure it contains alcohol or not). I was like Kelantan is an Islamic state so tuaks SHOULDN'T be sold by the road side. To make the story short, tuak is actually nira nipah, also a type of drink that most Malaysians knew, but not an alcoholic drink :D

Other thing about Kota Bharu that fascinates me is Jawi script. IT'S EVERYWHERE! My reaction was "This is so cool, I'm in a totally different world!" The biggest I saw was on billboards, Digi billboard especially. Digi's billboard commercial billboard would be the biggest. It has the word 'Luas', 'Wide' in English, written in Jawi script. It is very different yet very interesting.

A lot of tourists are seen around in the city of KB. They probably have a good Tourism Action Board. Museums, major landmarks, restaurants etc are everywhere to serve the tourists which is a very good thing. KB Mall, probably the biggest mall in KB is... VERY COOL! They sell everything, from clothes to electronics. I would love to go shopping at their Men's Department, it's full of brands and choices. I honestly think that first-timers would be very surprise with KB Mall.

That's all so far. There are certain things that I don't fancy much about Kota Bharu and Kelantan, but I think I like it here already.

Home Temporarily

Waa...! It's good to be back in Alor Star, back to my own lovely bed where I can do whatever I want IN MY OWN PRIVACY. Can you imagine living with another 60 boys?? I had to anyway because it is a boarding school. I made my decision so I have to face it. I arrived in Alor Star at about 4.30AM yesterday via bus. I wanted to take the plane but it was too expensive and I had to overnight at LCCT before my connecting flight to Alor Star.

How's life there? The cons are winning over pros. I wanted to go back on my first day there but it went well after that and I eventually 'fit in' with boarding school lifestyle. I am still struggling with the people there, especially with the Kelantanese because I can't understand a word they were saying so it's VERY hard to mix and make friends with them. But still, I made some new friends from Kelantan and they are very nice people.

I actually like all the faclities there, like Internet kiosks, self-service laundry, mini store etc. All you need is money, then only you can enjoy most of the facilities there. I heard that before we (the new intakes outside Kelantan) came here, the self-service laundry was something that students rarely use. Now, it is a hot stuff! The mini store has everything you can imagine including a cafe which is a rip off. A plate of Nasi Lemak is RM2! I thought Kelantan supposed to be very cheap.

I came there alone, I'm the only Alor Star boy there ;( There are few students from northern region but the number is not as much as the number of students from KL. There are so many KLites.

I'm going back this Wednesday or Thursday... ;(