A new camera

So, the news was I broke my old camera, which was the last Fujifilm Finepix F420. The camera won't retract the lens back when it is off and I got lens error message when it is on. I went to the store and it needs a new part which would cost me a whopping RM300ish! So I decided to buy a new one.

Fortunately, my dad had about 100k points in his Bonuslink account. So he redeemed me an Olympus FE-280 that was worth 70k ish, but went for the express way option which I have to add RM367 with 40k points.

I've been researching on the Net about this camera and went to the store to see for myself before redeeming at Bonuslink. It is a decent camera but great design. Very slim and light I guess. The pictures are at decent quality, nice battery life, nice LCD screen and include face detection technology plus smile shot.

So here are some sample photos I took. The macro function is okay I guess. I'm not much of a photographer though.

This is phone's home screen, took this while the lights were out and using macro function.

Hehehe... My new wardrobe.

Masjid Zahir, which is one of Alor Star's major landmarks. I was riding on a motorbike with my brother and used the anti-shake feature.

I was experiencing new dish and came up with this. It was horrible I guess. Took this with super macro function on.