Cheap tickets, finally

People have been complaining about how expensive was Malaysia Airlines tickets. MAS finally announced new price structures for tickets. They offer cheap tickets by expanding their fare classes from eight to 16. It's time for them to do this as Fly Asian Xpress just launched their AirAsia X that will be flying to Europe, Asia and Australia.

I honestly think that MAS is pretty expensive compared to other Asian/Middle East airlines like Emirates, Singapore Airlines and Etihad Airways. I did some research on booking tickets online on major airlines websites including as mentioned above and compared them with MAS. Yep, other airlines are cheaper than MAS. Emirates on KL-Dubai-London Economy return ticket costs about RM3400 while MAS on KL-London costs RM3900! It's probably because direct flight is expensive than connecting flight but who is willing to pay higher price for one destination while you can pay less for two destinations?

I also found that if you want to travel with MAS, book your tickets with KLM Royal Dutch. KLM has code-share agreement with MAS on KL-Europe routes and they offer cheaper tickets although the route is operated by MAS. Few Flights on Amsterdam-KL and KL-Sydney routes are operated by both KLM and MAS.

Starting this Monday, flights with MAS will be a lot cheaper than usual.

The Star reports MAS

I'm going to London!

Okay, it's pretty late to wish Happy New Year but I was so busy being happy with my result :P So anyway the school started like usual on Tuesday with school orientation until Thursday, so my daily routine will starts this Sunday; wake up in the morning, go to school, come back home etc. I actually hate my daily routine. My life is one of the boring lives in the world.

Back to the title... Yes, I am going to London! Hehehe... Not really honestly. I was excited when Mr. Fernandes, head of AirAsia launched AirAsia X that will be flying to Asia, Europe and Australia with very low price tag! I found out yesterday when I was reading The Star about the Transport Minister has given the rights to FAX to fly internationally. I saw the news on Google News and I went completely excited. Traveling to Europe for cheap price? Hell, everyone wants that.

Did I wrote about how I'm into commercial aviation so much? Yep, I have grown my interest on commercial aviation since early last year. I'm not really an expert or pro but I just like it. So AirAsia X will probably using B777 or A330 for these flights. They will start their flights to China and Manchester in July. Yay for cheap flights!

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