Let me made this clear

I've been receiving, rather not-helping-comments from fellow visitors about me leaving MRSM PC. Obviously this issue isn't over yet. I'm already over this but I supposed my thoughts on MRSM are offending maybe? I don't think so. These are only MY THOUGHTS, I'm not insulting the institution or anything. This is freedom of speech! [honestly, this doesn't turn out right but whatever]

First and foremost, I'm leaving behind this MRSM thingy because it's already in the past and I want to move on. It was kinda... Not really bad but something that I will always remember. I'm moving forward now. I already made a blueprint of my future so enough about reminding me about the past!

These are my post tagged with MRSM. As you can see (obviously), this is the hottest and most commented subject in my blog. I want to comment with a 2-3 words on certain comments that I received in the last couple of months.

Sape kata ngaji memane pun sama ? Tipu je lebey. Ngaji kat skolah berprestij, walaupun result lekeh, orang akan pandang tinggi. Bayangkan dapat result cukup makan tapi grad dari M.I.T ! Whoaaaa ! MRSM memang established households name. Kalu setakat nama " kolej " melekat kat nama sultan, berlambak lagi sekolah lain kat bumi Malaya ni nama camtuh. Tapi MRSM bukan sembarangan aaar... berebut org nak masuk tapi tak dapat.
Orang akan pandang tinggi? Hello, what if you got expelled from let's say Harvard? I'm sure you will try hard to hide your face from the public. Beside, I thought our education system supposed to be same throughout the nation. So I don't think you'll get any special education at certain educational institutions. Plus, every students in Malaysia get the same chances in studying abroad.

The first 6 months or so at MRSMPC was terrible I have to say. The bullying thing, the whole new boarding school life, the whole new MARA education system which was so strange to me who were well adapted to the Kementerian Pendidikan's conducts.

I really understand what you felt.
Like you, I got 3.25 in the first semester there.

So just leave me alone.