Thnks Fr Th Mmrs

Three words: NO MORE MRSM

I quitted MRSM and came back to my old beloved school; Sultan Abdul Hamid College. It was kind of a drastic and sudden decision I made to go back to my old school. Hell whatever, I am already heading for my second week in my old school. The thing is boarding school is really not my thing. I tried to be strong there for like four months, but I can't help it on the second week of Semester 2. On the first semester, I got 3.19 for my GPA which is pretty much okay. Don't want to talk much about MRSM... I just want to say that I hate it, seriously!

I created a lot of memories there for four months. Drama, new friends, exams, hostel... These are some of the things that I went through in this one of the chapters of my life. I am missing my friends there but then I can't make them the reason for me to stay. I'm gonna miss you guys! I had a lot of fun with them. This year would be the year with the most parties!

These are some of my friends that I made. More to come, not feeling well right now.


So I've been babysitting my cousin for the rest of the break. We (my grandma and I) took her back here last week, the same flight that we went to. I just forgot to mention it in my last post. Anyway, she is currently a year and nine months old, pretty a twerp. She is being nothing but a burden. But at the same time, she is kinda funny. She talks in baby language which sounds very funny and tries to be a grown-up.

Other things that I did so far was (again) shopping, and basically doing nothing. I watched Zathura, a 2005 movie on HBO last night. It was a great movie. Then, I came across a movie titled The Mistress of Spices while flicking through channels after the movie was over. The movie was casted by probably India's most favorite celeb; Aishwarya Rai. I think this is the one that has a scene where she had sex with that white guy. Not sure, but I always find the clips on Youtube.

Today, I made a cake. I'm sure you guys knew that I like to cook. This time, the cake is probably the best and the most perfect cake that I have ever bake! It is a chocolate cake, with chocolate syrup and chocolate rice on top.

Yes, I heard that, thanks. IT IS delicious and mouth-watering.