Kitty Kitty

My cat. His name is Mimi which is a weird name. He likes to sleep, eat, and sleep. He wandering around alot around the house. His fur is really soft and has hairfall problem.
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This is Marx. I found him around my sister's neigbourhood area while she was studying in Australia. This is cat is kinda old. He does has an owner but we dont know who it is. I guess the owner lives around the neighbourhood area. Marx is clever, he knows his name and good in catching the bird.

I Just Designed a Logo!

Using Photoshop was really hard since I never use Photoshop before. Anyhow, there is a competition in school which is a logo designing competition. Basically, who designed a good logo wins.

The logo is for The Digital Club of my school. I dont really know what the club is about but they got a huge computer geeks in one place LOL.

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So I decided to take part and came up with this. It's not that bad, is it? I like it because I dont know.

Sydney Part II

This is Sydney Opera House, went to that place and it was boring. Thought it was something but unfortunately it was nothing.
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Some Australians doing some show. I think it was Trance and their album is only $10. Hah, they're cute with all white stripes!
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Sydney in November 2005

I went to Sydney last year in November for 2 weeks. I can't remember the actual date but it was fun. I went to so many places. I thought I was gonna post some photos on my last blog but I was really busy that I dont have time to do that.

Anyway, I went with my mom and my sister was there for a year. We took alot of photos and stuff. Shopping was the main event, as usual. They had huge sale when I was there since it is near Christmas. Had so much fun, now I miss Sydney :( Oh well, at least I went there once.
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Welcome to TIAB by yit4s!

This is a Blog by yit4s is a blog by me (duh!). My name is Zulhelmi aka yit4s. I've been using this name on the Net since 2001 while I'm in Standard Four. I spend at least 3/4 of this year on the Net especially in blogging. Honestly, I suck at introduction so I apologise in advance for any 'inconvenient'. My current issue is the PMR exam, coming up in October.

Me as in Real ME!
As I mentioned above, my name is Zulhelmi and currently studying as a Form Three student at Sultan Abdul Hamid College, in the heart of Alor Star, Kedah. Where is Kedah? Located in the north part of Peninsula Malaysia. Alor Star is the capital of Kedah. I've been raise and living in Alor Star since the last 15 years, whice mean I'm 15 this year. Yay, license next year!

The Net is where I Live
First time on the Net is when I was 7. I used the computer the first time by playing Pac-Man when I was 3 or 5, just around that age, very young. I have a huge interest in technology and computer , although I'm not that good at it. I don't have any techno-ish stuff like iPod or even a mobile phone! Just this old laptop, which is Acer TravelMate 4000 series, 4002WLCi to be more specific. My first e-mail is what I'm currently use.

Live to Eat
I love mostly my grandma's cookings and my mom's. Other stuff like spaghetti, pizza, and usual stuff like people would love. I recently discovered that Sushi is like THE BOMB! I love sushi. My grandma cooks the best Nasi Lemak in town with squid sambal (sambal sotong) [strange name in English].

Malls are my (second) Home
I just love to shop. I don't have alot of money but I bought clothes more than an average 15-year-old student. I like all types of shopping, including window-shopping, waste-of-money-shopping etc.

New Blog, New...
...topics, issues, events and dilemmas in my life. Technically, I've been blogging about a year (March 2005 to March 2006). My last blog concentrated mostly on general topics/interests like computer, music, technology etc. This is a Blog (TIAB) offers more than general topics. It concentrates more on me, like what do I do, eat, wear etc. There will also some issues that will lead to dilemmas and confuses. Blog is where I want to express my feelings on current/general issue. But I have to be careful. One big mistake could lead to a huge controvesy.

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I hope you would enjoy me as much as I enjoy myself.