Hello from MRSM PC

I've been trying very hard to get online and write to my blog, so I made it. Things have been going pretty well but I'm alright. It is very hard to know the fact that you are few hundred miles away from home. I'm pretty much a homesick person but I didn't know that until I came here.

I got A BUNCH of things to tell but I got like ZERO privacy to write since the computers are located like along the stairway. I'm going back to Alor Star this 8th of March and I will write more as soon as my ass hit my room.

Last Day

Yesterday was my last day of school in Alor Star. I'm currently schooless! It was somehow a very meaningful and sad but kinda fun day. The school was pretty busy yesterday since the annual sports day is coming. Throughout the day, I was enjoying every moment with people around me and it is kinda sad to know the fact that I might not see them again. I'm going to miss the school :(

I felt strange to the fact that I love my school. Like, I used to say from my mouth that I hate the school, I wish the school burned down etc. but now I feel really sad because I left the school. Three years have been very good to me. I had a bunch of fun times with my friends, teachers and the school. Gosh, I miss it already.

I was looking forward yesterday morning when I was coming to school. Everyone was like "Yeah Zul, this is your last day". I was pretty busy myself, going up and down the office. I spend my morning there by teaching my Red Crescent drill team, then after that my school leaving certificate and I gave the school my offer letter. I also went to say my goodbyes to the teachers. Few of my friends were like "We're going to miss you", just some of them. I'm also glad that I left some bitches that I hate.

Me and some of my classmates were hugging and say our goodbyes when I was leaving. I wrote their numbers and stuff. No tears. Pretty sad but whatever. MRSM PC, here I come!

Going to MRSM PC

All the comments on my last post made me think about on going to MRSM Pengkalan Chepa in Kelantan. The verdict is I'm going there this 21st of January February [sorry!]. I just don't know what to say. This is my only chance to get away from my family, be independent and start my own life in a boarding school. The offer letter came with a mile of list of things to bring while studying there. I already started the preparations yesterday by doing something that I always do best: SHOPPING!!

I went to shop in Alor Star with my grandma and sister. They were very useful when it comes to shop :P Anyway, I bought a lot of things like polos, track pants etc. But I still have a lot of things to buy like toiletries etc. I guess I'm pretty excited going there. Yesterday, I spend about RM500, bought cheaper stuff that I usually would buy so I got myself a good amount of stuff. It was a plus for me as the Chinese New Year sale is going on at the malls. I will probably going to the malls again this weekend.

Just now I went to the hospital to make an appointment for my medical check-up. It's an requirement and the appointment is on tomorrow at 8 AM. Wish me luck!

Congrats! I'm in dilemma...

:D Pretty excited about getting an MRSM boarding offer. But the sad fact I got MRSM Pengkalan Chepa in KELANTAN, one of the rural states in Malaysia and I think Pengkalan Chepa is quite a distant from Kota Bharu, the capital state. I was very excited to know the fact that I got the offer then I went from that to the valley of dilemma... Should I go or not?

If I go, then I'll leave everything behind including my friends and my beloved school. If I turn down the offer, I'll be missing a chance in a lifetime. My whole family is telling me that I should NOT go, due to the fact that it's very far away and the school is located in a not-so-modern place. Yes, they got the point and I thought the same. However, (hell!) it's my only chance on going to a boarding school. I kinda like want some changes in my education life. It might be bad, but... Yeah, it is going to be bad. Probably no Internet (which mean no blogging, e-mail etc), bad food, and no more shopping!

According the their website, the requirement is at least 8 A's so I take that as MRSM Pengkalan Chepa is a nerd school. Few of my friends called me last night, they said they got offers from northern region MRSMs so they are not that far from Alor Star. I'm (currently) the only one who got an offer from Kelantan! I'm supposed to be in school right now but the doctor gave me one day off because of my fever. I guess I should check with my friends tomorrow and see whether they wanted to go or not.