I'm going to London!

Okay, it's pretty late to wish Happy New Year but I was so busy being happy with my result :P So anyway the school started like usual on Tuesday with school orientation until Thursday, so my daily routine will starts this Sunday; wake up in the morning, go to school, come back home etc. I actually hate my daily routine. My life is one of the boring lives in the world.

Back to the title... Yes, I am going to London! Hehehe... Not really honestly. I was excited when Mr. Fernandes, head of AirAsia launched AirAsia X that will be flying to Asia, Europe and Australia with very low price tag! I found out yesterday when I was reading The Star about the Transport Minister has given the rights to FAX to fly internationally. I saw the news on Google News and I went completely excited. Traveling to Europe for cheap price? Hell, everyone wants that.

Did I wrote about how I'm into commercial aviation so much? Yep, I have grown my interest on commercial aviation since early last year. I'm not really an expert or pro but I just like it. So AirAsia X will probably using B777 or A330 for these flights. They will start their flights to China and Manchester in July. Yay for cheap flights!

The Star news on AirAsia X
Google News search results on AirAsia X


DeluSion said...
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DeluSion said...

Hey yit4s, you got me! I actually thought you were going to London, and I was so green with envy! (I was like, "OMG, how could he not tell me! while we were talking about THAI airline at school!)

Back to the title. When I was told that flying to UK could be as cheap as RM 9.90 (without taxes), .....(felt nothing actually LOL) Now that you mentioned it, it reminds me that it is still possible for me to travel distantly with my own money!!

London, Manchester, China, India....whatever, Here I come!!

anthony wong said...

here is a tip fr a guy who lives in london.uk. the first 3 flights of FAX to Uk is to manchester. use www.megabus.com to get ur bus ticket to london or anywhere in UK for £1 one way. it is a long journey but cheap. however if the plane uses stanstead or luton, they have their own bus services to london, Stanstead to victoria or liverpool st stations (london) is £10 one way, or £14 return.