Last Day

Yesterday was my last day of school in Alor Star. I'm currently schooless! It was somehow a very meaningful and sad but kinda fun day. The school was pretty busy yesterday since the annual sports day is coming. Throughout the day, I was enjoying every moment with people around me and it is kinda sad to know the fact that I might not see them again. I'm going to miss the school :(

I felt strange to the fact that I love my school. Like, I used to say from my mouth that I hate the school, I wish the school burned down etc. but now I feel really sad because I left the school. Three years have been very good to me. I had a bunch of fun times with my friends, teachers and the school. Gosh, I miss it already.

I was looking forward yesterday morning when I was coming to school. Everyone was like "Yeah Zul, this is your last day". I was pretty busy myself, going up and down the office. I spend my morning there by teaching my Red Crescent drill team, then after that my school leaving certificate and I gave the school my offer letter. I also went to say my goodbyes to the teachers. Few of my friends were like "We're going to miss you", just some of them. I'm also glad that I left some bitches that I hate.

Me and some of my classmates were hugging and say our goodbyes when I was leaving. I wrote their numbers and stuff. No tears. Pretty sad but whatever. MRSM PC, here I come!


Anonymous said...

You will turn 16 this March! Oh my god... How do you apply for adsense?

It's only for 18+ what???!!! But nice blog! ;-)

yit4s said...

Hmmm... I don't think I lied about my age when registering Adsense. But I do remeber that it was only for 18 and above.