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Three words: NO MORE MRSM

I quitted MRSM and came back to my old beloved school; Sultan Abdul Hamid College. It was kind of a drastic and sudden decision I made to go back to my old school. Hell whatever, I am already heading for my second week in my old school. The thing is boarding school is really not my thing. I tried to be strong there for like four months, but I can't help it on the second week of Semester 2. On the first semester, I got 3.19 for my GPA which is pretty much okay. Don't want to talk much about MRSM... I just want to say that I hate it, seriously!

I created a lot of memories there for four months. Drama, new friends, exams, hostel... These are some of the things that I went through in this one of the chapters of my life. I am missing my friends there but then I can't make them the reason for me to stay. I'm gonna miss you guys! I had a lot of fun with them. This year would be the year with the most parties!

These are some of my friends that I made. More to come, not feeling well right now.


pisangkuning said...

x de gambar aku .
siot glur ko


Zul said...

SAHC is not a bad school what...

hazirah said...

i just noticed u put up a pic of me dkt your blog.eventhough i dnt think i like tht pic of myself but
thanks,means the world to me
we miss u tp its good to hear tht ur having a blast at kolej,aleast ktorg tau kau dh xsedih dkt sini :))
tc zul,

-sh hazirah said...

aku pun dari mrsm pc & aku love so much there. i think because i can blend well there. yap, tak di nafikan mmg ada sesetengah student tu tak tahan n balik kg, cthnya mcm ko.. tapi aku rasa tu bukan masalah MRSM PC tu, itu lebih kpd masalah student mcm ko yg tak bleh nak blend.

aku sgt sensitif bila ko labelkan as so general yg mrsm pc is very bad. its not fair bucause some may have the best time there. one of them is me.

really miss pc. many thanks for i've got there.

Jgn apabila ko yg bermasalah, ko nak salahkan sekolah.

Slamat berpuasa.

Proud-To-Be-MRSMPCian said...

Sad. Sad. What a waste.

You were like me in a way.

Only that I decided to stay put at MRSMPC.

The first 6 months or so at MRSMPC was terrible I have to say. The bullying thing, the whole new boarding school life, the whole new MARA education system which was so strange to me who were well adapted to the Kementerian Pendidikan's conducts.

I really understand what you felt.
Like you, I got 3.25 in the first semester there.

Like you, I missed my old school badly, I missed my old buddies, my teachers, I missed my active positions in co-curricular activities back in my old school, the famous Sultan Ismail College ( SIC ) of Kota Bharu ( with one of the best rugby teams in Malaysia ! ). I was really that close to be elected as a prefect if I chose to stay at SIC. I was dying to return and stick to the old me !

I asked my Mom to transfer me back to my beloved Sultan Ismail College but she told me these instead, " you have gone this far, why should you ? " and " just hang in there a lil bit more, will you ? ".

Two years passed and I left MRSM PC with flying colors and great memories to behold and I am now thanking my Mom for holding me down. Seriously grateful ! It even came to me many times, what's up with the thought of leaving MRSM PC !? Obviously, I was stupid then ... is right.
It is not about the school, it's all about what lies deep inside each and everyone of us.

That taught me one very good lesson ==> Life is all about challenging all things new, not to continue dwelling on things we overly used to.

And besides,
only cowards look back.

Sad. Sad.

What a waste ....

-boi chipsmore- said...

zul,actually personal or not,its your decision.your statement ever said that by transferring out you'll be a failure! and no statement of anything stated that people from MRSM ever became the best of the best or became a world phenomenon.basically is,each individual has different way of life and how they run say that you r making the wrong decision la is totally wrong.and btw guys,zul is happy and doin so many things in kolej.ape2 aje la personal prob,at least now,in kolej,he's happy and doing well for himself.=)