Let me made this clear

I've been receiving, rather not-helping-comments from fellow visitors about me leaving MRSM PC. Obviously this issue isn't over yet. I'm already over this but I supposed my thoughts on MRSM are offending maybe? I don't think so. These are only MY THOUGHTS, I'm not insulting the institution or anything. This is freedom of speech! [honestly, this doesn't turn out right but whatever]

First and foremost, I'm leaving behind this MRSM thingy because it's already in the past and I want to move on. It was kinda... Not really bad but something that I will always remember. I'm moving forward now. I already made a blueprint of my future so enough about reminding me about the past!

These are my post tagged with MRSM. As you can see (obviously), this is the hottest and most commented subject in my blog. I want to comment with a 2-3 words on certain comments that I received in the last couple of months.

Sape kata ngaji memane pun sama ? Tipu je lebey. Ngaji kat skolah berprestij, walaupun result lekeh, orang akan pandang tinggi. Bayangkan dapat result cukup makan tapi grad dari M.I.T ! Whoaaaa ! MRSM memang established households name. Kalu setakat nama " kolej " melekat kat nama sultan, berlambak lagi sekolah lain kat bumi Malaya ni nama camtuh. Tapi MRSM bukan sembarangan aaar... berebut org nak masuk tapi tak dapat.
Orang akan pandang tinggi? Hello, what if you got expelled from let's say Harvard? I'm sure you will try hard to hide your face from the public. Beside, I thought our education system supposed to be same throughout the nation. So I don't think you'll get any special education at certain educational institutions. Plus, every students in Malaysia get the same chances in studying abroad.

The first 6 months or so at MRSMPC was terrible I have to say. The bullying thing, the whole new boarding school life, the whole new MARA education system which was so strange to me who were well adapted to the Kementerian Pendidikan's conducts.

I really understand what you felt.
Like you, I got 3.25 in the first semester there.

So just leave me alone.


Abuya Ashaari said...

Takbir !

kena expelled mana la sama ngan dapat result lekeh la brader. Beza mcm langit ngan bumi. Tabbley bwat comparison. Itu pun dah kira bagus sangat kalu kena expelled Harvard sebab nak masuk pun dah bukan main susah. Lain la kalu kena expelled Pusat Giat MARA ....

" So I don't think you'll get any special education at certain educational institutions. Plus, every students in Malaysia get the same chances in studying abroad. "

Hehe. Brader tak akan nampak kalu brader tak abiskan MRSM. Itu la sebab knapa bebudak MCKK gila2 taksub dengan skolah dia. Sistem pendidikan pada dasarnya sama tapi pengendaliannya berbeza. Kementerian Pendidikan duit banyak, tapi ada banyaaaak anak kena jaga, kena plak ada segelintir " anak emas " tapi MARA ada duit banyak tapi anak sikit, kena plak semuanya anak emas. Begitula perumpamaannya.

Brader, kembalilah semula ke MRSMPC .. walau terpaksa merangkak ...

Takbir !

Puaka MRSMPC said...

Leave me alone ?

Aku, mewakili hantu2 dan puaka2 mrsmpc akan terus menghantui kamu walau sampai ke akhir hayat...hiii..hiii..hiii..hiii

Sila baca ayat Kursi sebelum terlambat.

yit4s said...

Waaaah! Tolong la... Boleh x kalu x remind me about this? Bkn ape, sya nak concentrate on nailing the SPM tp bila teringatkan pasal benda ni mmg tension la!

Nameless said...

FYI all school is the same, its the matter of whether u study or not... if he find he can do well in kolej let him be, as if he got mrsm people lokk high on him... wat if he fail in mrsm, i would say " pi je mrsm tapi result cam taik"... and BTW do mrsm got its student in top 50 in malaysia? NO!!! well about the asrama thingy just forget about majority student came from asrama not good in academics... pssss sorry if i offended anyone, it;s just from my past experience

yit4s said...

LOL Thanks nameless! Is there anyway that we could extend this conversation? Hope that you will see this comment that I posted here.

zaini'sblog said...

i saw u comment, it just doesn't seems right ler... based from abuya post, he said "masuk mrsmpc biarpun merangkak" is dead wrong ler... my bro only studied at Teknik Stadium but now he berjaya wat... he graduated 2.6 pointer je tapi see how much he earn in a month, 6KKKK!!!! lets see how much ur parent earn when they were 25 years old... basically studied anywhere can lead into succesion but the needs to succes its pure usaha, without usaha don't mimpi la untuk berjaya... based on human experience here...

*F.a.l.l.e.n A.n.g.e.l.z* said...

i totally agree with nameless and zaini's opinion..They are totally damn right..All the school is the same.It also depends on the student abilities to adapt themself in the school environment..Although how good a school is but if the student cannot adapt to it , then that's it!The students will not be able to concentrate on their study and finally they will sure failed in their study.And finally , no offence though to puaka mrsmpc , i think that u seriously make a fool of yourself here.

*F.a.l.l.e.n A.n.g.e.l.z* said...

oh yes, for the note, I went to Sekolah Memandu Ah Peng and even got myself enrolled into Sekolah Beruk Pak Jusoh and guess what ?

I got Kepujian Kelas Pertama in Nuclear Physic Engineering !

Now I am making thousands every month from a nuclear plant in Chernobyl.

How's that to prove that all schools are created equal !

Let me repeat,
you are such a fool puaka mrsmpc !

nameless said...

You are right *F.a.l.l.e.n A.n.g.e.l.z* !

I seconded that.

As for me, asrama is not my stuff as I only good in asmara, you know, the Tasik Titiwangsa and stuff.

No mrsm grads can beat me to that.

Asrama doesn't make good academics but asmara is !

Yay !

-boi chipsmore- said...

hey..i must say,that education in malaysia is basically all the same though has its different approaches.success is never said to be measured as getting high scores in exams.if people who are snobs and irrational are being born at MRSM,then that just goes to show that their approach of building insan yang berjati diri dan bermoral has failed.i mean,success is not all about A's.morals,ethics,skills and ilmu makes the person a whole.so,in the end,no matter what school i say,MRSM or kolej,if it turns out making students that think more like an underage ape,then both institutions regardless of name or allocated money to it fails.and oh yea,why dont google some of the most successful people in the world,and you'll be surprised on their qualifications.

Anonymous said...

hi zul...

sorry tetiba nak menyebuk kat sini but i have to agree with abuya my dear... x semua sekolah sama....mungkin skrg u tak nampak lagi but in 10 to 20 years down the road....ull see my dear. n the way people pandang pon lain. silibus tetap sama tapi the way they conduct are totally different. sometimes its not about ur spm result but its more on belajar ttg kehidupan...kat situ u kenal semangat setiakawan, coping with stress sebab kena fight dengan semua budak pandai2, berdikari tanpa mengharap pada mak ayah... dlm class i dulu, even u dapat 3.85, u still dlm ranking class no. 15-20..tough isnt it??
n believe me, kalau u survive kat mrsm...u mmg blh survive kat memana pon di ceruk dunia nih.

to nameless....memang nama student mrsm tak penah ada dlm senarai top 50 since itu hanya senarai dari kementerian oendidiakan, n mrsm is governed by kementerian keusahawanan. lain kali, pls check ur fact first k.

anyway, what past is past....so just move on n chill up k.

oh, btw im x student one of the top school in alor setar n also x mrsm taiping n currently earning 5 figures income n riding kereta buatan jerman at my 20s.