Lame but Great Saturday

This entry was supposed to be written yesterday, but didn't have the time to come online. So, I went to Jerjak Island in Penang on Saturday for a family day, organised by my mom's society which I think VERY LAME. The place is great, really great. It's Jerjak Island Resort and Spa. I just love the environment there, like greeny, fresh etc. The photos will come up this weekend.

Too bad, Saturday was a rain day and flash flood back in Alor Star. We can't have any beach activities. But at least, we played some pool ball? Or whatever you called that, at their swimming pool. Lunch was great. The mushroom soup is ten times better than Pizza Hut's. I didn't go to school yesterday because I was too 'tired' but hell, the school is busy with the awards day.

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