I'm Back in Business

Yep, that's it. It's been only 17 days but I can't help my urge to blog. I love blogging! Finally I found something that I really love to do it. So many days, so much to tell and so little time. Few interesting things happened in my life in the last 17 days.

First thing is, my aunt is currently in Japan. Coolness! The government sent her there for some agricultural stuff which I think... okay for the modern world. She's basically moving around Japan including Tokyo. Talking about my aunt, her daughter finally can walk at the age of 11 months, about few weeks ago. She will turn a year this August. I think her parents decided to celebrate her birthday back in Kedah. Happy Pre-Birthday Aleesya!

Another major news is I moved back my house, after living with my grandma for about 12 years. I think she's pretty upset about but she got over it after a week eventually. She's currently in KL, taking care of her grandchild. Well sadly, I made a terrible mistake. I shouldn't move back because... life with parents is suck ass, badly. Trust me, and I have nothing to say about this, keep it to myself. I'm going back to my grandma.

Finally, I'm feeling the heat of PMR. The heat getting hot this Sunday with trial exam *suspense music* Again, nothing to say about this except I'm fucking nervous as hell. I've been making some revisions in the last two weeks.

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