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Waa...! It's good to be back in Alor Star, back to my own lovely bed where I can do whatever I want IN MY OWN PRIVACY. Can you imagine living with another 60 boys?? I had to anyway because it is a boarding school. I made my decision so I have to face it. I arrived in Alor Star at about 4.30AM yesterday via bus. I wanted to take the plane but it was too expensive and I had to overnight at LCCT before my connecting flight to Alor Star.

How's life there? The cons are winning over pros. I wanted to go back on my first day there but it went well after that and I eventually 'fit in' with boarding school lifestyle. I am still struggling with the people there, especially with the Kelantanese because I can't understand a word they were saying so it's VERY hard to mix and make friends with them. But still, I made some new friends from Kelantan and they are very nice people.

I actually like all the faclities there, like Internet kiosks, self-service laundry, mini store etc. All you need is money, then only you can enjoy most of the facilities there. I heard that before we (the new intakes outside Kelantan) came here, the self-service laundry was something that students rarely use. Now, it is a hot stuff! The mini store has everything you can imagine including a cafe which is a rip off. A plate of Nasi Lemak is RM2! I thought Kelantan supposed to be very cheap.

I came there alone, I'm the only Alor Star boy there ;( There are few students from northern region but the number is not as much as the number of students from KL. There are so many KLites.

I'm going back this Wednesday or Thursday... ;(


Anonymous said...

Soon there will be a direct flight service from Penang to Kota Bharu / K.Terengganu, operated by Asmara Air. Said to be another new Malaysian budget airline in addition to Air Asia.


Actually there were Mofaz Air and Pelangi Air operating the same route between Penang ~ KB but they both ceased to operate after a couple of years in service. Dunno why maybe tak untung kot.

Alaaaa .. Kedah ngan Kelantan bukannye jauh pun. Bas pun dah cukup.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, a plate of nasi lemak in Kelantan should be priced between RM 1 ~ RM 2.50 depending on what you wish it to have.

Normal Nasi Lemak would be around RM 1 ~ RM 1.50 but if you add fried chicken, pelepong ( fried lung ) or any other accessories, an additional RM 1 is normal at any roadside stall ( hotel ? Tuh different story la plak ).

Kelantanese Nasi Lemak supposed to be very mildly spicy and sweet ( Kelantanese dislike spicy food ). Speaking about Kelantanese Nasi Lemak, " Nasi Lemak TC " at Jalan Kuala Krai ( depan Loji Air Kampung Puteh )seems to be the town's favorite at the moment - have a try !

Btw, why Nasi Lemak ? Haiyaa so lame lah. Nasi Kerabu ada, nasi dagang ada, nasi berlauk ayam, daging, ikan tongkol, ikan kering .. semua ada for breakfast.
Not to mention morning sate too ! Nasi Lemak jugak dia cari ? Ha ha

Tapi, basically Kelantan pun dah sama ngan negeri lain dari segi harga tapi pada harga yang sama, ternyata lebih "pemurah" dari segi volume makanan berbanding tempat lain

yit4s said...

Hahaha... Why? Because Nasi Lemak reminds me of my grandma who makes the best Nasi Lemak in the whole world :P

But honestly, kat Alor Star ni everything here is so expensive. I like KL better than here.