Life before and now

Yes, I'm back bitches! I took a break from blogging for a few week or months, I guess. So now, I'm back. What's up? Nothing much. Post-MRSM life has been very good although it is actually the same, like getting back to your normal routines. The experiences in MRSM have made me appreciate every moments I have in normal school (non-boarding school, non-MRSM, whatever you wanna call it).

Can I just state here how much I hate MRSM? Yeah, I hate MRSM. Remember this case where some students of MRSM were expelled? 15 students to be specific (the news at Bernama). Who says bullying cases don't happen in MRSMs? It happens all the time. We just can't believe the fact that it happens in a high-grade school like MRSM. I was in MRSM Pengkalan Chepa, one of the four best MRSMs around and the MRSM PC was the the third best school based on 2006 SPM exam results. But still, all these things that we thought shouldn't happened happen. UGH! My brain got cramped thinking about MRSM PC.

LOL! What a waste for me missing this fun time watching the pavilion of MRSM PC, located at the field. The fire happened two days after I left the school. So cool!

Anyway, MRSM life is one of my chapters in my life and I already passed it. The funny thing is the life I thought it was over continues. The Kolej life will never end, I guess. Bleh, I hate being very patriotic about my school.

After being super busy with drama when I was in MRSM PC, now I'm part of an F1 team. We make F1 cars in small scale. I'm the graphic designer and pretty much doing small things like marketing, merchandising and presentation. I don't actually make the car.

This is actually the machine where you make the model. We actually made it drilled some hole on the metal rod where it holds the wooden block. And as a graphic designer in the team, I came up with this logo. It's not official yet, but we're going to decide tomorrow.
The race is during early September that will be held in Alor Star. It is the north region level competition. After that, we go (if we are on the top 3) straight to national level.


your super senior ;) said...

hye.. u left mrsmpc huh... well, that reminds me during the old times... i used to hate mrsmpc as much as u are, and i quit too(i got 3.49 for 1st sem).. but then, i felt like running away from facing challenge. so, with a little help, i came back to mrsm pc. that time i was a bit regret la.. haha.. however, i came back with new spirit and alhamdulillah, things got better.. i just observe how people study and always consistent..sorry if this sound boastful, but i got straight a1 n currently doing my foundation to US undr petronas.. uhm, the reason i tell u this not because u made d wrong desicion, no, becoz it's up 2 u, but i want u to know that what is important is ur mind set, okay? blaja kat mane2 pun same... okay, this comment seem too long already.. btw, i'm going to mrsm pc tomorrow for some tutorial camp.. uhm, gud luck in your school k... said...

me from mrsm pc 96/97. to tell u the truth, mrsm pc is always the most bestes school years i ever experience. kalau ko yg tak tahan or got any probs there, its more on u as a personal have probs.

masuk kandang kambing mengembik, di kandang harimau mengaum.


yit4s said...

Of course it's more on my personal prob. But i dont understand why boarding schools have to be like that, esp bdk2 yg study kat situ.

Mmg bukan masalah skolah tu, kalu x mcm mana berpuluh ribu org boleh study kat situ. The thing is i felt like the environment there is not very healthy ie. gossip folks, smart ppl who actually think they're better, ppl who care what other ppl do etc. These are the things that distracted me, spend so much time solving these problem rather than spending my time studying.

But still, ade jugak memories yg best2. Yg best skali kwn2. Yg paling x best skali bdk2 yg pandai tp narrow-minded. Mmg rasa naek gila!!

pisangkuning said...

i just had time to read this u know lol u sadi abt this a long time ago... yea we received the kad raya and all and it was great of you to miss us and yeah we really apppreciate it so uh, now we're sending a new one to you so uh, i wanna continue abt the muz story he uh, yknow didnt hv sex or anything just tht they dunno nearly had sex yeah tha'ts it. uh, he's douing fine now i guess... kekadang ader ar org pndng glur x puas ati kat dia. anyway i'll message you once in a while gotta go to est now ader tayangan movie. yeah all of us miss you.

Ultra Senior MRSMPC said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ..

" The thing is i felt like the environment there is not very healthy ie. gossip folks, smart ppl who actually think they're better, ppl who care what other ppl do etc. "

Adik, itulah namanya H-I-D-U-P !

Kat depan sana, banyak lagi cabaran gile gile. Tu tak masuk bab politik pejabat lagi, politik Melayu-Cina-India, politik perkhidmatan awam, mulut manis sana, hipokrit sini, jilat jilat sinun, macam macam !

Kat situ la yang banyak mengajar, sebab kita dapat peluang jumpa macam macam orang dari macam macam background, dari macam macam kepala otak berjambul, dari macam macam negeri !

Sape kata ngaji memane pun sama ? Tipu je lebey. Ngaji kat skolah berprestij, walaupun result lekeh, orang akan pandang tinggi. Bayangkan dapat result cukup makan tapi grad dari M.I.T ! Whoaaaa ! MRSM memang established households name. Kalu setakat nama " kolej " melekat kat nama sultan, berlambak lagi sekolah lain kat bumi Malaya ni nama camtuh. Tapi MRSM bukan sembarangan aaar... berebut org nak masuk tapi tak dapat.

Akhir kata, lantak Adik laa.
Hidup sendiri punya. Pandai pandai la yer. Janji mesti slalu pandang ke depan dan optimis, dalam apa jua yang dibuat dan dengan sesiapa sahaja yang ditemui.

Kalau hanya setakat nak lari dari masalah, baik gali lubang 6 kaki, masuk dalam tu dan timbus !

Sekian, terima kasih.

p/s :
Ada seorang kenalan di pejabat selalu kata, " Kalau semua benda susah, baik balik tido laa ! "

Oh yer, satu laie, kesian btol la tgk astaka tuh terbakar, memang sedih woo.. nostalgik giler punya tempat.. isk isk isk ...

zackderocha said...

ermm...salam...walopon dah off topic saja gak nak komen....aku adalah sorg dr beribu-ribu produk mrsm kat malaysia nih..maybe skang hang dah kat kolej balik or dah ke mana2x la aku rasa tindakan dulu hang tu sgt laa nak dpt masuk mrsm nih susah...jd sebenarnya hang dah curi satu qouta dari org lain...mmg sebenarnya sama jer sekolah memana pon...takdak beza pon...yg bezanya, pengalaman yg kita dapat dari sekolah tuh....kita kena kluaq dari comfort zone kita...hang dok gaduh nak balik kolej sbb hang dah selesa kat situ...try la kuaq skali skala...dan lagi 1,aloq staq tuh bukan ada apa pon..aku org kedah gak...kluaq dari negeri sendiri utk cari pengalaman, dan nnt bawak balik semua pengalaman tuh balik ke kedah...sorry la,aku just rasa hang nih mcm anak manja tak salah..memana pon, kalo kita usaha bole berjaya..masa depan nih lg byk cabaran hang....ok...thanks sbb baca komen nih....jgn marah aa...assalammualaikum.

-boi chipsmore- said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
-boi chipsmore- said...

namanya H-I-D-U-P?well hidup kau sedih laa..growing up shouldnt be living with assholes,and thinking its 'life challenges'.grow up lar,just goes to show,that MRSM have made a few 'mistakes' and ultra senior mrsmpc is one of the irrational-wanna-fight-ego-im-smart-ur-dumb-dumbass kinda people

p/s fix yourself lah before trying to fix others.and zul,relax..u got frenz like me and the rest of the guys,no matter how hard life gets,we'll be there

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