Wardrobe Revealed

The other day I was working with my wardrobe. The thing was full of shit that I wear everyday and I realised that I need a new one! I shopped on clothing alot and ended up having a mess in my wardrobe. But before I get a new wardrobe or I won't be getting one soon, I throw everything out of the wardrobe; tees, jeans, undies etc. and tidy them up again. I was folding and classifying my clothing items into different drawers that have specific stuff like a drawer of tees etc. It was a mess!

Now, I felt like posting some of my (me thinks) best items from my wardrobe. I honestly think I bought alot of stuff and most of them don't fit me, I don't know why.

This long sleeve stripped shirt is one of my favorites. I rarely wear it because it looks very formal and work-ish but it does look good with jeans. Surprise surprise, I got it from Kamdar! LOL My mom bought some stuff there and got herself some free vouchers. She traded the vouchers from this shirt and I love

LOL The Official Corporate Shirt of Team SAHC100, wore during the regional finals. Neat.

First look of my baju raya, here on this blog. The whole family is going for orange-ish plus yellow-ish theme for this year's festive season. Raya is coming in about four days and this is what I'll be wearing.

New addition to my wardrobe, a tee from Body Glove. I love the prints on the shirt and it's tagless! I bought for less than RM30 because it was on sale.

Wardrobe REVEALED.

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