I knew this is going to happen

Malaysia fines Pussycat Dolls organizers - Yahoo! News

Yes, the link says it all. Duh, like so obvious. They wore skimpy clothes like in their Buttons. I knew this is going to happen from the first time I saw the video [refer to this post].

"The Pussycat Dolls were guilty of performing sexually suggestive routines on stage," council President Mohamad Arif Abdul Rahman was quoted as saying. "In terms of their eye-popping attire, well, there's a lot of proof of that from our sources and the media."
Yep, they were very sexually sexy and not allow of course in Malaysia. They should respect our rules because

The government in this Southeast Asian nation had previously warned Western artistes not to be too "raunchy" so as not to offend local sensitivities when performing in Malaysia.

When Grammy-winning rap-rock band Linkin Park performed in Malaysia in 2003, the Ministry of Culture and Arts warned them not to wear shorts, scream or exhibit raunchy behavior. The following year, Mariah Carey was told to "dress accordingly" for her concert.

Oh well, it's already in past. I hope there will be no such thing as this in future and I didn't know Mariah Carey came to Malaysia?!

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