49 Years of Malaysia

Happy Merdeka Day! 49 years seem to be fast, according to my grandma. She's almost 60. Unfortunately, it's been raining since yesterday in Alor Star and I really don't know what happen to the Merdeka parade at Pekan Rabu. This morning was supposed to be a Merdeka parade, but due to rain I think they cancelled it. I just have to wait the news from my friend who joins the parade.

As of me, I just got up and watch the National Merdeka Parade in Kuching, Sarawak. The parade is very colourful and creative. The field show by school students is amazing. Patriotic songs, red, blue, yellow, white etc. This year they chose Kuching as the host for National Merdeka Parade. Last year was Kuantan, Pahang. I hope the choose Alor Star near in the future.

I'm going to Penang at 10AM. Getting a shower now.

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