Holidays are back

For these holidays, I'll be attending the school's extra classes on Friday till Monday, which mean it starts tomorrow. Then, I have one day free on Tuesday. After that, I'm going to KL from Wednesday till Saturday and back to school again on Sunday. The extra classes part isn't that good. But at least, I'm not going to spend the nights at the hostel. I hate it! [refer to this post]

Recently, I got my results back. BAD! As I expected but not what I wanted. 5 As, 2 Bs and 1 C. Can't believe I have to get a C. The C was History with the marks of 53?! Ugh. I'm so stupid at History :P The rests are okay. I only have to worry about History and Geography because these two are the lowest, C and 65 B respectively, but I do have to worry everything cause I DIDN'T GET STRAIGHT A. I'm like 2 marks away from A for Mathematic. The school is dissappointed with all of us because only seven people who made straight A.

I'm currently listening to Utada Hikaru. Her songs are like bomb. So far, for J-Pop genre, I like Utada and Ayumi Hamasaki. They both are cute but I think Ayu is cuter than Utada :D

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