Fresh from Me!

I'm sure you're already notive the new look for my blog, again. I think this is going to be very long before I change it again. I dropped the "by yit4s" phrase because I think no one owns another TIAB, right?

So, I just discovered an amazing function on my camera. Well, not discovered, but told by a blogmate. He said that I should use the Macro function and I used it to experiment. Experiment was a success. Too bad, the macro function takes like half of my camera's battery life. It's Fujifilm Finepix F420 by the way. Here are some samples:

My cat, Mimi, getting awake from his sleep.

My mom's rusting silverware, which is not made from silver :P

Pouring water into a glass.

Comments would be very appreciate.


DeluSion said...

I envy your creativity. "This Is A Blog" -- An interesting (though possibly lame) title. I might have liked the "pouring water" photo even more if the background had been brighter. Anyway, I don't know much about photography. Keep up the good work.

Bob the Chicken Killer said...

the macro functions that you used made your photos wayyy nicer! good job n keep on experimenting!