What are the plans?

I don't know. I'm talking about plans for this coming school holidays which already started few hours ago. I went to school today and found out like half of the school was absent. I was like WTF this morning when I saw the school was clear.

So the plan, so far, going to Kota Kinabalu in December, which I already mentioned on my last post. I'm not sure if I'm going to make it on PMR result day since I will be in KK 22-27 December. I heard few dates for the result day including those in between 22-27 December. I just hope that I'm going to make it on that day. I got a wedding reception coming up this Saturday in Taman Uda. And guess what? A stupid reunion this Sunday!! Primary school reunion on Sunday at City Plaza, and the most hated person will be there. I thought I'm going to be in the flight to Padang this 22 November, but my mom is going there with her colleagues. Too bad, but I don't really care because they're going there with AirAsia which is not my airline.

My grandma already on the bus to KL, and left me here with my sister, again. Unfortunately, she had to go there because my uncle's maid ran away, which I think usual thing that would happen if you take an Indonesian maid. So my grandma has to take care of her grandchild, the cute Aleesya because her father is going to Jakarta tomorrow. It's sad because why the maid had to run away? She was very polite, obey, loyal etc. yet she ran away. Did I mention that she took my uncle's Sony Cybershot T5? That just so not right.


Anonymous said...

tu la ank..len kali bagi no fon kat aku...kitorg suma gi tgk casino royale..hang ..kesian!..hahahaha =P..-megat

yit4s said...

La.. Aku hari ni pun nak kelur, dlm pukul 2 satgi. Aku nak keluar ngan Salmin pi City Plaza, jumpa kwn² lama.

Hampa nak pi bila?