Not Fair!

The other day my mom told me that she has seminar/workshop in Kuching this November. So as usual, we would come along after her finishes her seminar or whatever. Her seminars thing usually happen at the end of the year during school holidays probably giving the chance for the government servants to bring along their children. I don't know.

So my sister and I usually come along with her like we did a lot of times in the past few years. Last year we went to Kota Kinabalu, great times. Two years ago in Sydney, best times in my life. This year my mom is going to Kuching, one of the best places for holiday. I went once there, but I was only like 9 or something, ate satay during breakfast.

Unfortunately, my mom mentioned this only last week, not like a month or two ago and I missed MAS SuperSavers. Arrgh! Why she doesn't mention about Kuching before this?? I checked MAS' website and guess what? The ticket costs RM1300+, Alor Star-KL-Kuching. I would rather go to Bali or Bangkok with that amount of money. We went to Kota Kinabalu last year for only like RM750+, stop over at KL. It's just sad that I'm not going anywhere this November/December. Usually on SuperSavers, you get around RM600-800, which is very cheap.

I would go on AirAsia but bleh, starting your nice holiday at the LCCT could be very miserable.


DeluSion said...

You should start an airline business of your own. Then you can fly to Kuching for "free", and give me, Kalis, Ridzuan, Bazli...... a 50% (I wanted to ask for free, but that would be greedy) discount for every flight. I want to fly from Alor Star to London, LOL.

Anonymous said...

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