Last Day before FREEDOM!

Yep, today is Thursday which mean the last day before Mid-Semester Break starts! Yeah!! I can't wait to be home alone on this break. Could be fun... Or not, but hopefully, fun awaits me.

So about the Beijing thing, they (Mom, brother and sister) will be going tomorrow night, at around 9pm I think, Alor Star to KL. Then KL to Beijing at 12am. Hope they will have fun there because it's so cold in Beijing like 5 degrees maximum? WTF?! Last time when I was in Sydney, it was only around 18-22 degrees but I can't stand it. Sydney froze my ass off.

Bad news, I have to stay at school for 4 days AND 3 nights this coming mid-semester break. Damnit! I hate staying at school. The maximun period of staying at school for me is from 7am to 7am only. Now, I have to stay till the next morning for 4 days!
I'm actually looking forward to this whole summer-camp thing. Can't believe it LOL

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