Mid-Semester Break

Bad news, I have to stay at school for 4 days AND 3 nights this coming mid-semester break. Damnit! I hate staying at school. The maximun period of staying at school for me is from 7am to 7am only. Now, I have to stay till the next morning for 4 days!

This is so unfair. I mean, I gotta stay at school while everyone is having fun during the break. Anyway, the thing is somewhat like summer camp or something like that. Only Form 3 students. Why they have to do this? I just dont understand them.

Everyone will not at home for the rest of the break. Mom, brother and sister are going to Beijing from 12 to 18 March, Grandma is going to his son this Saturday and that leaves me and Dad. The break will start 11 till 18 March, that thing on 15 till 18 March, which means I have 5 days break at home, all alone. YES! Go me! Go me!

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