Hard Time - Less than Four Weeks

Yes, I am right now. I'm really worry about my PMR exam this October. I haven't master everything from Form One to Three. I have like less than four weeks before the exam starts. Time flies very fast and day by day I'm getting closer to the exam. In school, the teachers went alot of revisions with us, including Math and Science, which I hate the most and bad at it. But it's pretty good since most of us (I think) don't make any revisions at home.

The school, last week changed the current timetable to a new one. Sadly, they took out PE and Art. Again, they changed it again, with more periods for each subject. Technically, not add more periods but like Geography used to be three periods for three days but now two periods for one day. I'm so going to fall asleep is Geography class. Talking about Geography, everyone seems crazy for the teacher's daughter. Oh yeah, she's cute.

Another thing is I really have to get away from the Net. I'm crazy about the Net, especially blogging. It really distracts from studying, but I figured out that if I'm not on the Net then probably day-dreaming. I have another problem which is lack of self-esteem. I feel like I can't get straight A's in PMR. Parents-Teachers Meeting is coming up this Thursday. At last, my secret which is C in my last trial exam will be reveal!

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