Bullies in School

Since we (Form Three students) already finished with everything like the PMR etc, the counsellor held an open discussion in the hall yesterday. I say it was very interesting and kind of helpful, and I think the whole form was enjoying it. The open discussion is about bullies in school, which is a very common topic in school, yet still a disease in school. I, sadly took some notes for the sake of the blog.

It started off with the definition of bully. The counsellor asked opinions from us. Some said it means force someone to do something that the one doesn't want to do it, look down on someone and also ragging. Bully is actually to scare people that is small, lack of confidence etc than you. The abuse is usually carried out repeatedly.

From the open discussion, we heard a lot of stories from both bully victims and bullies. The bully victims felt that the bully is out of mind and doesn't care what other people is feeling when they are being bully. The bully victims hid their feelings and never fight back as they don't have the guts or they can afford to do it. From the bullies, when they are bullying someone, the feeling is fun, satisfy and want to do it again. They also feel that they are the greatest and the best among the peer. One of them was also once a bully victim. He got bully by a kid in school that was older than him. He waited for few years, with the feeling of revenge in him. He bullied the bully's brother as soon as he knew that the bully's brother went to the same school as his

After we heard all of the stories, we were asked to draw the face of the bully with his characteristic. Some of the charasteristics are brainless, doesn't know how to think, heartless and sex-addicted LOL In my opinion, the bully doesn't bully other people on his own, instead in a group. They are actually coward because they don't admit what they did. When they got caught, they will realise but it was too late. I really want to kill those people but I'm a good person... :D

The point is don't bully other people that is lack of things than you, e.g. lack of confidence.


Bob the Chicken Killer said...

cool ur skool got a talk about bullies!

DeluSion said...

The discussion was boring and pointless if you ask me. We had some role-playing on the second day, which was (relatively) more fun. (you might have been absent) I hope the bullies in our school, sorry, in every school will stop. Damn foolish bullies!

Anonymous said...

im from a different school but get bullied pretty bad. does ur assembly have any handy tips that have a possible chance of success?