Raya is Coming Up

Raya (Eid) is getting closer and closer. We have less than two weeks before all the Malaysians and Muslims around the would celebrate Eid. I can't wait for Raya to arrive! School students get a week of Raya day-offs instead of two, after three days of school on three Saturdays last month. The funny thing is my Raya shopping still doesn't start. Usually, I'm the first one to arrive at the shopping mall but then my mom is pretty busy with her work and me with school.

The title says school holidays but I didn't mean Raya school holidays. Instead, the upcoming school holidays in November, a very long holiday before the school starts again with a new term. I already planned for this year's long break. Mom is going to Langkawi for her work next month and Kota Kinabalu in December while my sister is going to Malacca next month, also for her work. My grandma and I already confirmed with Malacca.

Ugh, I just can't resist the urge of shopping. I heard Pacific is having a huge Raya sale. Hmmm... I think I'm going to shop Pacific Alor Star Mall instead of the one in Star Parade since the one is Alor Star Mall has many brands. I really need some new clothes.

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