An Online Writing by Me

Everyone in school, at that time was into MySpace-ing and Friendster-ing. So Blogger is my medium to stand up from the crowd as (I think) no one in the school owns a blog on Blogger.
This is an extract from the article "Blogging Experience: Not That Bad" by me yit4s. Hehe... Yes, I wrote an article about my blogging experience/history about my blog. I wrote the article at Merdeka Blogger Project 2006, found on Petaling Street.

I don't have much to say about the article. I just hope that you guys would read it and give me some comments about it. It's my first online real article. This blog is also considered as my online writings but it's not an article.

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Bob the Chicken Killer said...

friendster blog is a shitty blog system...there is no way to comment except by signing into friendster acc....i hate blogs on friendster and hardly ever visits em...

blogger seems pretty okay....but i dun really like it....very the complicated for my reckoning...(too diff to customise, imho)

i use wordpress hosted on a free server....real ease of use