Selamat Hari Raya/Happy Deepavali

Tomorrow is the last day of fasting month for Muslims. We're going to celebrate Hari Raya this Tuesday!!! After we've been fasting for a month, now we are going to celebrate in a joyful of Hari Raya. Not to forget for the Hindus, Happy Deppavali. I love Murukkus. My grandma made them since Malaysia is celebrating Depparaya.

Since last week, my grandma, sister and I had been busy making Raya cookies, especially since my sister bought a new microwave oven early this month LOL Basically, we made grandma's recipe of Biskut Manik, Dahlia and Kacang. No stores or shops sell Biskut Manik, it is the original recipe. It has colourful sprinkles on top and easy to make yet still delicious :D Mr grandma also made Murukkus, another original recipe snack and fried nuts with garlic.

Also in last week, I've been busy helping my mom setting our new, renovated living room and kitchen. My parents did the floor and wall in the living room and cabinets in the kitchen. We had so much to do with the living room. I had to hang the curtains, mop the floor etc. The best thing is my brother and I hung the cookerhood on top of the stove. Mom bought more teak furnitures yesterday, they were on sale. The store was like crazy with housewives picking up things. This is year probably the most expensive Hari Raya ever, tittle taken form the year 2001 :P

As for me, I didn't go to the tailor for my Baju Melayu as I only wear it on Hari Raya. My mom and I went to shop at Alor Star Mall two weeks ago. I didn't spend much, only about RM200. I bought two tees, a long-sleeve striped polo, a jeans and a trunk underwear. Yesterday with my mom and my sister at city center of Alor Star and I bought my toiletries at Guardian. They bought a lot though, like almost RM600, including their Baju Kurungs at the tailor.

I would like to wish my classmates of 3 Alfa, everyone at Sultan Abdul Hamid College, and my family Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin. To all Malaysian Hindus, Happy Deppavali.

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