Great (short) Vacation

UPDATED with some photos.

I forgot to mention that I went to KL from Wednesday to Saturday, yesterday. It was a mini vacation for me. I went there with my mom and her colleagues and stayed at Vistana Hotel, near the Titiwangsa train station. Although I went with them, but I'm on my own as soon as we arrived there. The main activity was... shopping! Hell, it's crazy over there. Mega Sale is going on nationwide, but KL offers the best sale ever. My total spending is approximately RM280, okay price. But my mom is like RM400-600.

We (my mom and I) went to shop at The Curve and I went to Suria KLCC while my mom at Putrajaya and Sogo. I bought not alot of stuff, just few items including tee, polo, wallet, khaki, and sandal. My favorite thing is the wallet, from Topshop for RM49. The khaki is made from Lycra, which is stretch and durable piece of cloth from Baleno for only RM49.50 from RM99. Other stuff from PDI, Giordano and Bata. The above and below photos was taken at Bukin Gantang's R&R in Perak.
Unfortunately, I stuck at KLCC underground train station for about two hours due to flash flood at Sri Rampai station. I had to stand there and my feet was killing me since I've been walking around the mall for the whole day. I went to the station about 6PM, then wait till about 8.30PM. The train was overloaded. I took the train to Masjid Jamek for line transferring and the road was full of mud. Took another train and arrived at the hotel at about 9.30PM. It's a shame that I didn't bring the camera. Refer to this news. Left is a bridge in Putrajaya.

I took some photos and it will come up soon.

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