New fridge and TV

I just got back from an electrical appliances shopping. Our fridge suddenly broke. It won't cool things like it used to. As for our TV, the picture got big and fat, like we only can see half of the picture. The TV issue has been in the house since early this year. At first, the TV was only 95% broke. Eventually, dad has to buy a new one. I hoped that he would buy LCD TV but it was only flat screen from Panasonic.

I noticed the fridge yesterday, the ice in the freezer got melt when I wanted to make a cold drink. I thought someone didn't close the door tightly. This morning, everthing smelled like shit. The fish, meat etc Eww! At 10AM, dad and mom brought me along for the elctrical appliances shopping. So we got ourselves a fridge from Toshiba, RM1290 and a TV from Panasonic, RM955 plus a cookerhood from HesStar, RM400. Everything was credited to my mom's credit card. Everything will be deliver this evening.


Neo said...

Wah good. So many new electrical applicances in a day!

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