The Future of My Education

This week is been pretty fast for me. It's already Thursday night, and I have Mathematic tuition class in about an hour.

So basically, nothing interesting happening in my life. It just that I've been thinking about my future just now. Like where am I going to continue my studies after I finish school in about 2 years from now (2008). I'm in dilemma right, confused and lost what am I going to choose a course for next year.

In my mind, there are few courses that I want to take. They are:

  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Technical Drawing
  • Accountancy
I like IT, and that's basically what I really want and do. But Technical Drawing is kinda interesting and so does Accountancy. Well, not really because I want to make Accountancy as 'backup' knowledge since my dad owns a business and he said that he wants us (his children) to take care of his business. But I think Form 4 and 5 courses aren't that important as courses in university.

I've been thinking about university too and I think I wanna go for Diploma in Fashion and Retail Design at Limkokwing University College of Creative Technology. I think I really like fashion and the course is very interesting. Since the uni is a private one, I think I have to make a loan from MARA and to get one, I have to get an excellence result in SPM. My SPM is not until Form 5 (2008).

So now, I have get my ass off to work for that. Signing off for tuition! :-)

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DeluSion said...

Hi yit. I'm in a lost too. But I think the best way to choose the subjects during Form 4 is to choose whatever subjects you like, (if practicable and possible). If you're so interested in IT/Computer Skills, you probably should take Additional Maths too.
Good Luck for you and me.