Road to Straight A's

The school, again decided to organize a camp. But this time it's different. The camp is for the top classes which include my class. It will be in Kuala Nerang.

"Road to Straight A's" is the name for the seminar. The school changed the venue from Kuala Nerang to Grand Chrystal Hotel, Alor Star. Yes, a hotel! Other details:

Venue : Grand Chrystal Hotel, Alor Star
Time : 8.30am (Friday 28/4) - 12.30pm (Saturday 29/4)

This seminar is only for the top three classes in Form 3. The three classes are Alfa, Beta and Delta. I'm in Alfa class. The objective of this seminar is to build the strength in students for PMR and motivate them.

We have to spend one night at the hotel. It's only a 3-star hotel, so nothing to brag about. Each room can accomodate 3 people so I'm going to stay with Amin, my best friend and his best friend, Khairil. I'm looking forward to this seminar since I don't really have the gut to sit for my PMR. Fun!

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