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Today, I came up to my classmate, which is one of the top students in class, and the whole form, I think. I like talking to him because he has alot of ideas in his mind. I wish I was more like him. So anyway, I didn't kow that he owns a blog too, just like me.

He basically one of my 'fans' (HAHA). His blog is... well the title pretty much describes his blog, About my school, LIFE, POINTS of View, and anything a 15-year-old student can think of. at

So I read his blog and WOW! He got some really impressive posts. That's a REAL blog, compared to mine. Anyway, he got few posts that really get my attention, like:

I don't think men or women should act either "manly" or "womanly" in order to be known as man and woman. Why should some particular characteristics be considered as man-like or woman-like? Why should we restrict ourselves by making rules on how a man or woman should walk, talk, and behave? Why should a man be considered "sissy" just because he cries?

Gender Roles
And also:
Geography and History used to be my favourite subjects. But now, I have lost interests in them, because of notes. What's the point of making notes if you've already got the textbooks? I know, notes are used to remind you some important facts. However, we are now almost copying the whole textbook into our notebook.
Making notes has deprived me of free time. Now, I don't even have much free time to play the piano, to go exercise, and to read.

Notes, as if we need it!
In this post, he tells what really happened in our school's educational system, at least in my school. Teachers patheticly ask us to do notes as homework. What kind of sick school is that?

You guys really have to vist his blog which I think one of the coolest blogs around. Good day!

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