I just got back from the bowling alley in City Plaza, played 3 games with few of my friends. Had so much fun! I suck at it, the lowest on the score board. I don't go bowl very often, just playing it for fun sometime. We had roti canai for lunch which is very odd, no one eats roti canai during lunch hour lol

BUT, my favorite part is yesterday. I went shopping with my mom! WTF lol It's been like forever since the last time I bought new clothes. My mom was extremely generous yesterday, she used her credit card at check-out. I felt very guilty. I asked her before whether she has some $$$ or not before going in to the store. She just like don't bother about it. So I was like "Hmmm... Okay, I need new clothes anyway" lol

Since we were running out of time and it was after school, I just got myself 3 items which a jean (RM54.50 after RM109) and 2 tops, a long-sleeve polo with stripes (RM27.90 after RM59.90) and a shirt that says Liverpool 60 (RM27.75). They are on sale so w00t! All these are from BUM.

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