MyTeam versus Malaysia

National Squad Beat MyTeam

KUALA LUMPUR, May 29 (Bernama) -- A national squad made up mostly of under-20 players beat MyTeam, an amateur football team, 2-1 at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium here Sunday night.

MyTeam were formed after a nationwide search in February and trained under the supervision of former national player Serbegeth Singh while the national under-20 were strengthened with three senior national players -- K. Nanthkumar, Indra Putra Mahyuddin and Muhamad Khaironnisam Shahbudin as the skipper.

Among the spectators were Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Azalina Othman Said.

MyTeam scored first in the 24th minute through T. Arun Kumar after receiving a cross from S. Sathiyanseelan,

They lost their captain Hasmizam Kamarodin while the national squad lost Mohd Zaquan Adha in the 42nd minute after they were sent off.

In the second half, Under-20 coach K. Rajagobal changed tactics by fielding his original under-20 team and this paid off in the 64th minute when Mohd Aidil Zafuan made it 1-1.

In the 75th minute, the national team scored again through Farderin Kadir's left-footed kick.

Serbegeth said: "If the result determines MyTeam's success, then we have failed. But I am sure MyTeam have been successful because they have showed a good performance."

He said the six-week training was enough for the team and now it was up to the management to announce their future.


IT WAS A FANTASTIC GAME! Last night, Malaysia team beats MyTeam, which was formed 3 months ago under Shebby Sigh coaching. The score was 2-1. MyTeam gets the first goal on first half period. God, I thought Malaysia is going to lose but then they scored two goals on the second half period. The game was aired on TV3, starting 8.30PM till 11PM. I missed the first 30 minutes of Gol dan Gincu on 8TV.

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