Late Night Entry

*yawns* It's 12.54am in the morning. I can't sleep. Well, I just finished watching Big Momma's House on TV 50 minutes ago. It was funny and hilarious *yawns* Hmmm... I thought of something to write just now but mind just blank at the moment.

Last night, I saw Finding Nemo on Disney. Also one of my favorite. I like the character Dori. She suffers from short-term memory lost LOL I really like all the names she gave to Nemo. Fabio, Chico etc all rhyme with Nemo. What else..? Oh yeah, I downloaded the Windows Live Messenger aka MSN Messenger 8. Still in Beta version but I really like the look. Got it from here.

This is my messenger window. As you can see, I'm listening to Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy :P *yawns again*

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