Hmmm... It's Friday

My sister, brother and I went to Penang today, sister's house in Taman Sutera. We did nothing actually besides getting the house ready for a family renting the house. Hmmm... Electrician came to set up the fans, lamps etc, then went to Carrefour for lunch, then went back for the plumber to do his thing. Yes, it was boring and tiring.

We arrived in Alor Star around 7pm then my brother and I went to the new airport. The airport is pretty cool for a domestic. I heard it's an international airport but whatever. Probably, flights from Bangkok, Singapore, Indonesian etc Just around the neighbourhood. The state government spend a lot of money for SUKMA. I see a lot of changes to Alor Star since its first day as a city. I wish they would build more shopping malls.

Lastest news in school: Mid-Term Exam from May 15 and as usual, haven't open a single book yet for revision. Gosh, I'm so lazy...

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